Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Corporate Media

They did it again. CNN this time. The corporate media disallowed one of the candidates. Two actually, but I haven't heard much from the Gravel camp, lately. The media is telling you who to vote for.

Now an interesting thing about Gravel. I just hit his website, he has a video up chastising Kucinich. Why, because K made a comment on Democracy Now about Obama being the only one to point out the exclusion of Kucinich from the Nevada debate. However when Gravel was blocked from a debate, Pennsylvania, Kucinich didn't make a comment. That's the point of the video Gravel's people put up.

I wonder Mr. Gravel, when you were locked out, what did you do? He had a little pep-rally, as evident from the video. He called it an alternate debate. But from what I can see, the difference between Gravel and Kucinich being blocked from the debates, is Gravel isn't trying to fight each one in Court. Dennis is. Now, would you mention someone being locked out of a debate, if that person himself isn't actively fighting to be put back in? I think most of the people take that as a sign that you're pulling out. But hey that's just my view point.

Why are the American people putting up with his... Oh yeah, I forgot, most get their data streams from Mainstream / Corporate Media. Which means they don't know whats going on.

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