Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I voted today.

For what little good it will do, I went and voted in my primary today.

Why do I say for what little good it will do. Why do I not take pride in my right to vote?

1) I'm in Michigan. Because our state is ran by the Republicans, and they pushed for an early primary, the Democratic Party will not be seating deligates.

2) Because of 1, the choices were limited on the ballot.

3) It was not an open primary, meaning I couldn't vote unless I declared myself a democrat or republican. They actually would not let you vote unless you checked one. You couldn't check more than one either. (don't think I didn't bitch about that to the helpless poll person. And I felt good about it, because she is abiding by the stupid rules they put in place. STUPID LAWS SHOULD BE BROKEKN AND FOUGHT).

4) Depending on what you checked in 3, told them what ballot to give you.

5) Their "secret ballot" is a scan-tron that gets read by the machine (and as we were told in 2004) shredded (I do question that last part), meaning you can't do a recount if you want one.

So if I had a list of reasons why my vote was worthless and why not to vote, why did I bother?

Because I actually got to vote my choice. I got to vote my conscious, something I have not been able to do since 2000. I didn't have to take the lesser evil route, I actually voted WHO I WANTED. Luckily Dennis Kucinich was on on the ballot.

I wish we could do away with secret ballots, but as my uncle pointed out today, if they did that the bosses and others would coerce people to vote the way the wanted. Vote so and so or no job, and your kids will go hungry.

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