Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Paging Mr Ultra K. Paging Mr Ultra K.

I must say, I'm surprised. I really am.

Iowa, and now New Hampshire, and they still won't admit that there is a man named DENNIS KUCINICH running. All the "exit polls" and "counts" they've shown for the Democrats, K is missing. How sad.

However that's not surprising...

What is, is that Hillery had a come back. I really thought the media had done a good job of burying her. The way they were pumping up Obama's win in Iowa, I thought for sure people would just get behind the "sure thing".

Every time I think I have the media control over humans figured out, I get shown to be wrong.

I do know I'm going to make a point to go vote Kucinich in the Michigan Primary. Even if the delegates from my state don't count. Funny thing about that, until this year, we were a caucus state. I am voting my conscious. Something I rarely get to do when voting for president.

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