Monday, January 21, 2008

This weeks rant?

It's only Monday and I have stuff to rant about? See this is what happens when the company gives me a day off.

1) Jobs. I recently updated my profiles on Dice and Monster. I'm not happy at work, but that doesn't mean I'm going to up and quit my job. I am interested at seeing how the job market is though. That being said, if my profiles say I'm open to limited relocation (other parts of the same state) then why are they sending me job offers for positions in Minnesota, Arkansas, Arizona, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or other.

2) Books. So I bought a book last week. It's a newer book. Its on the topic of Xen Virtualization. It's by Packt Publishing. I wasn't too sure about getting it. We're looking into using Xen Virtualization at work. I've played a little with VM ware back in 2000, a little with QEMU, and Vitualbox more recently. I've used the built in Windows Virtual Server on our 2003 boxes at work (even made a virtual linux box on top of 2003), but I figured I'd get it to learn a little more about Xen. There is no /. review on this book. That goes back to the worrisome aspect. There were no reviews on Amazon when I bought it either. It arrived today, and I must say, I have even less faith in the book, since it weights in at 130 pages. The one review I saw of it (and I'll admit I didn't read all of it) didn't sound to promising either. I think I'll toss up a review of it this week, or so, after I get it read. I'll read it mostly at work.

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