Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tiger Team

So I finally got to see Tiger Team, only a week after its broadcast. I really would like to see it picked up as a regular series.

The show was pretty good. Its one of those things you can tell they've edited; the typical "we are not giving you all the information so you can not try this at home" type of editing. If you've seen the Mythbusters' episode where they are testing security tools, you've got a good idea of how this show works. Only in this one, they don't try to figure out whether or not the devices work, but how well they were put in place. They also do a great job of how much you can learn, if you're paying attention to what's around you.

I wonder if we will see a rash of do it yourselfers because of the show.

Tip of the hat to Bruce Schneier
for pointing this out.

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