Thursday, February 14, 2008

bidding on ebay sucks

With all the reading of virtualization I've been doing lately, I want to do virtual windows xp on my laptop. Since I'm reading about Xen Virtualization, which we are going to use at work, I want to stick with that. That means I need an Intel VT chip. I did some looking at the processors and I thought I had one, however the option isn't in the bios, and the flags are not there in cpuinfo.

So I did more looking. Turns out I have an Intel Core Duo T2300E which doesn't do VT. So after looking around the net, and not wanting to pay $400.00+ for a chip that is no longer made, I decided to try Ebay.

In the last week I tried to bid on several different processors. I placed bids, and ended up getting out bid. One, I held the winning bid for 3 days. It was a T2300, the right kind. However I got an email today saying I was out bid, and the thing is now going for $60.00.

Talking to a co-worker, she said don't bid until the last 20 seconds. Put in the max amount you're willing to pay for it, and it'll usually prevent you from being out bid. Personally I don't like the snipe approach. I wonder how often that is someone just jacking up the price of their own product.

A great example. One of the processors I had bid on... I got an email from the seller last night. He hadn't heard from the buyer (after an hour of the sell closing), and wanted to know if I wanted to buy it. Of course at that time I was looking at another one and winning the bid on that. I said no.

Buying on ebay is a little easier... even if it does cost you more money. Still not the greatest system in the world, but I've seen much worse.

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