Wednesday, February 20, 2008


What ever happened to customer service? In the last week, I've had horrible service at 3 different restaurants, and had a guy at a computer store make a comment about "crap I wouldn't use" as I was about to pay him for said item.

1) Restaurant last Friday, very large order. Brought out the main dish before the appetizers... then asked if I still wanted the appetizers. There were 6 of us, and I was the only one to get anything besides the appetizers. Then it was still another long wait. About 20 minutes.

2) Pool hall on Saturday. We saw our waitress a total of 6 times. Once when she took our first order for drinks and food, and she brought them back, again for the second order, and we had to track her down to pay the bill, then wait for the change. We were wondering if she was going to bring the change back it took so long. We where there for 3 hours.

3) Pizza joint last night. They have drive through pizza that is hot and ready. I went inside to get pizza. 20 minutes later, still with no pizza, I demanded my money back and left to go else where.

4) Today at a computer store. Small shop in A^2. I went to but some thermal compound for my new processor. All they had was crap, and it was over priced. However I figured since I'm here, I'll get that and hope it lasts. The guy ringing me up looks over tells the other guy there to order more, since all that is left is crap he wouldn't use. I took my money back and left.

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