Friday, February 15, 2008

Things you don't want to see when you first wake up

Sitting in my in box this morning is an email from my domain hosting company. The people I registered my domain name through. So ssakcaj in Russia requested my password be reset. The email came to me. My email account, doesn't forward anywhere. It still pisses me off though.

One of the things my dns provider does, is include the ip address (how I know the ssakacj is in Russia, or at least using a Russian ip). I'd contact the provider, but I doubt they'd care. Russia doesn't have a rep as a cracker paradise for no reason after all.

In related news... I'm blocking 12367 ip address from accessing the box behind that domain name. It's my laptop. Mostly used for SSH, so I can test things from work. Back in the day... Before my pc died, I had a web server up, hosting pictures of my parrot.

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