Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bike Ride

Not all my exercise is kettlebells... All summer, well since March or so, I've been wanting to ride my bike. I needed to put air in it, since both tires were flat.

I however always came up with an excuse to not do it. Today I said no more excuses. I got it and the compressor (I usually just use dive cylinders) out to fill the tires. Put both at 55psi. The tires say 45 to 60.

It took me a block just to get my balance back. I rode what I used to consider my 'warm up" route for roller-bladding route. 10 blocks (2.6 miles, total).

My thighs hurt. It was hard. Something else I'm going to have to build up on. That and roller-bladding.

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