Saturday, August 30, 2008

tonight's group workout

I've got a little red wagon to take the kettlebells up and down the hill with. I have to tighten some of the bolts. Still no Samantha. I'm being told in 2 weeks, since her mom and her can't make it next week. They have family coming in from out of town.

It really is fun to have people to work out with. They're catching on pretty quick. One has even went out and bought his own kettlebell. He got a 16kg. I talked him out of the 24kg. Some things he'd like to be heavier on, but other things the 16kg is harder than he can do. One of the Maintenance guys saw my KB while I was out to dinner last night (I worked 15 hours), he thought it was a 16lbs ball, meant to train bowlers. He said he was surprised at the weight when he picked it up yesterday. He asked what you do with it, and Nick (the guy that bought his own) said lots of things. He's hooked and infected.... He's going to try and drag one of his roomies out next week.

Tonight's Workout:
10 sumo deadlifts
10 dead swings
20 swings
10 release swings
10 r/l cheat curls
1 r/l windmills
Outlaw rope pullups (Mine were more like leg lifts, nick started it)
3 r/l turkish getups
10 wave squats
5 hill sprints

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