Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yesterday, I had this huge plan to go and bust my butt. I was even geeked about it. Up until I pulled in my drive way.

For the last few months I've been slowly cleaning out my garage. It's a slow go. One of the reasons is, you're only allowed 2 large items a week. I have old kitchen cabinets, old grills, old hoses and other things in there. So I only put out 2 things at a time.

Yesterday I caught a Scrap collector, he offered to come back to my house in a few minutes. I ran in, changed, and started pulling a lot of metal out of my garage. Someone beat the guy to the small stuff, but I had more back there. We carried it out to his truck. It went pretty well.

Then my neighbor called me over because they had found an injured bird in their back yard and didn't know what to do. They figured I would because I have a parrot. The bird didn't make it through the night. Which is kind of sad.

However I have more space in my garage now. I could even turn my pull-up / dip / leg-lift stand if I wanted too.

Tonight, I'm going to do what I didn't yesterday. Hill Sprints (the second set for the week will be Saturday), bike ride, and kettlebells. I really want to try the workout that Dave Whitley sent out.

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