Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Hour, Another 10 cards

After the last set, I put the cards on the bottom of the deck, and reshuffled.

This trip through:
24 run in place knee taps. Only counts every other one.
8 half sit ups were back
20 second wall sits (squat down a wall, and hold it for allotted time)
16 side crunches (switch half way through. Sit up, move knees one way or other. I need to work on the flexibility some.
20 seconds tripod hold. Switch hands half way through
8 dips (used my desk since the chair has wheels)
8 Belly angles. Lay face down, and move your hands from side to head and back.
Repeat Last Card
20 second crab crawl came back
20 seconds The Bridge (we call these planks where I come from)

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