Friday, December 5, 2008

legs hurt

They were sore after Tuesday. Martial Arts was good Tuesday, but left me achy, mostly my legs.

Tonight it was my turn to kill the adult class.

Set 1:
Joint Mobility
Jumping jacks
crossing jumping jacks (feet cross on the down)
Front and Back jumping jacks. (feet swap front to back each arm motion).
Light stretching (touch toes, spread legs wider keep stretching, long front stance at the end).
10 Burpees
Russian twists
5lbs TGU
Front Stretch kick
front kick
side stretch kick
side kick

Set 2:
More jumping jacks
more toe touch
5 burpees
1 tgu per side, without weight
bear crawl sprint back
more stretch front kicks
more front kicks
round house kick
side stretch kicks
side kicks

Then we went and did break falls, with sprints back to the end of the line. Bunch of one steps, then take downs, then free fighting. Got to fight one of the Masters tonight. I love that, but they usually use me as a punching bag. Which is why I love it. I'm learning to cover my open spots. Now if I could just get attacks in too.

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