Friday, January 30, 2009

Tonight's push ups

The paper said 120 seconds but I only took 60 seconds rest between sets
85 total.

Sunday is the progress check

Today was just strange

This is cross posted between my LJ and My Blog

Tried to get up at 5am. Didn't work. Got up around 8:30. Went and paid rent. Then went and talked to the Coordinator, because she didn't call yesterday.

The Self Defense class is on. Next Wednesday at 7:30pm for the ladies, 8:30 for both sexes.

Leaving there, a guy whipped around a corner (we have medians with little turns in them to get into parking lots), didn't even bother trying to slow, I almost t-boned him. Then at the first light I had to turn at, a semi started fish tailing. Turned down another road and got 1/2 way to the road I needed, only to have it closed by an accident. 2 lane road, and the 2 cars took up the whole thing. Looked bad.

Ran by the post office, watched a cute break down about her package. Dropped off my Package going back to amazon for refund, and finally left for work. Get there, get told a server is down in our Louisville office. Called the Louisville tech to reboot the box, it's been flaky. Found out that the doors down there were broke. The mag locks would not disengage. So I got to spend time on the phone with him to figure out how to break into the computer room down there.

Other weird things most the day, like at lunch when I was given the wrong pager for my food, and they had to come find me, so they could give it to me. Then when I got ready to go, which takes about 15 minutes for me to do, the Help Desk Lady comes over and says the police are there.

Turn around there's a county sheriff deputy. Oo. He said they're was a 911 call and hang up from our building. He said they tried to call back, but couldn't get out of the automated system so they sent him out. We walked around, he said since he didn't hear any screaming he wasn't worried. It was either a wrong number or caused by the weather, which happens in the winter. He left, I figured I'd walk around some.

Went to carpet row first, since that's where the VPs, the Owners, the Directors and others like that sit. Saw my director was still there. Told him the cops were there because they got a 911 call. The look on his face was just pure worry would be the best way to say it. He went straight to 11. I had to calm him down quickly. We went over and talked to the Manufacturing Director and VP, then the four of us walked the building. Each person took a different area. We met back up and all was good.

So next week there will probably be a memo if you accidentally call 911, stay on the phone and tell them you got them by mistake.

So then I was getting ready to go again, and the MFG Director stops by says his guys can't get to the Manufacturing share on our network. Look, and the NAS heads crashed again. Spent the next 1.5 hours dealing with that.

Then home ward bound. Stopped to get some clothes for the Self Defense class. That and looking at toys and other things, took about an hour.


Thursday was pretty good. Regular day at work. Got some stuff done.

Martial Arts was really good. We started warming up at 7pm. The four of us that were there. Went til 7:30. I led them through a great work out. Then after we finished and the kids class was winding down, I got stuck talking to the head master. Not really stuck, but was up front on the side, instead of in the back like normal. Wow the acoustics there suck. Can hear quite a bit, and even though we trying be quiet.

Anyway while I was up there more people showed up, so we didn't get jump straight into it. So I got a 5 minute warm up and stretch. It was good. Jumping Jacks to burpees (no stop), stretches, and ROM. Some Stretch kicks to end it. Then we did one steps, then three steps, forms, and finished with free fighting. I got to fight one of the masters. He used to be a professional tournament fighter. Really good at free fighting. I enjoy to fight him. I always get beat up, and learn so much about my weaknesses. Held pretty good this time. At the end though, he nailed me in the jaw. My ear was ringing and my vision flashed white. It was awesome, left me dazed for a bit. I was already having problems. I got dizzy during one of the forms and nearly fell over. So the hit was just over the top. Kept shaking my head. Bowed us out and homeward bound.

The way home was meh, until I got to 94 and 275. Then things just got weird. Started with a jack knifed semi in the median. Then further up, a flipped over jeep suv. Then something like 6 more on top of that. I stopped at the semi, make sure the driver was ok, and call 911. Felt sorry for the guy. The other ones had people stopped already.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spread the word on HOW the mormons love the children

I know that it's not the actions of the few do not represent the view of the whole... But when the few are allowed to run the show, it ruin's it for everyone else, when they give their approval with silence.

The story of a camp ran by people claiming to be Mormons

Read it and share it. Yes the guy may have an agenda, but I think having a proper investigation into the camp by the Federal authorities not the state level should be warranted in this case.

*Tip of the hat to PZ Myers for the story.

what's going on...

Bad news yesterday at work... But in all fairness to the people that pay me, I'll say no more until later. I have always stated my loyalty goes only as far as my paycheck. Very mercinary like of me, but that is the way I roll. I feel that today's companies don't care about the workers and only care about the $$$ in the bank. BOA showed us that, after they got the bail out and trying holding a conf call with right wing nutters, trying to block people's right to chose (Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)).

Last night I went to Martial Arts early. Got there a few minutes before 18:00 and dropped of the class' fit decks. Then went and changed. Did lots of push-ups in the kids class. I did somewhere around 150 or more last night. Plus my normal class workout, plus some planks (because I was tired of push ups and the person being punished can't do them anyway). 8 plank, 2 side planks. :)

Today more grind at work. I think most of us are still dealing with what was said yesterday. I expect some people to start looking for new jobs, but others don't. I know updating my resume has moved up on the list of things to do. Might actually start applying to them. I was talking about a job posting I saw today on Dice, manager and office mate were there. Manager asked why I was looking for a new job. Office Mate asked "Were you at the meeting yesterday did you hear what they said?" I shouldn't complain too bad I have a job.

I know, I'm being an ass right now... but it's a fine line and while this is supposed to be my space to vent, and the like, and I keep my employer's name out of it, I don't want to risk being fired.

Since I hadn't heard any thing back yet from the apartment complex, I went to the office today and talked to the coordinator. Her GM has been out sick, or so I was told, and she had yesterday off, so she was trying to catch up. It is looking like we're on to start NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! I have so much to do to get ready. However I'll get final word before 5pm tomorrow. Right now it looks like the first class (women's self defense) will be at 7:30, and co-ed self defense will be at 8:30. Which means i'll get done at 9:30. I feel bad for my parrot. He'll be stuck in his cage all that time. :(

My workout tonight was push-ups from the 100 push up challenge. Week 2, day 2. I cut the rest down to 60 seconds instead of 90. Might not be a good idea, but I wanted them done with.

74 total.

Monday, January 26, 2009

today's lunch

For lunch today, I started my first course with:
push ups

Second course:
1/2 a chicken breast with salt, pepper, and ginger for seasoning
broccoli and cauliflower mixed (steamed last night)
and green beans

Only have water to drink.

Now I only have etk and yoga to go. One is a class, and the kettlebells are at home for the other one.

Safari Bookshelf

So I have a Safari account. It lets me have electroic copies of tech books for a fairly low price.

I was looking at a book today, and it said buy print version 35% off for subscribers. Woot. Then I looked at I'd pay 50 cents more at Amazon but get free shipping.

I know which one is the better deal there. Sad as it is, the 35% discount sounds nice until you actually look at final costs. Sure free shipping means waiting a few extra days but that's ok, I've already got an electronic copy.


Did some band pull ups over the weekend. One set had 6 in them, yesterday's sets were all 3, most of Saturday's sets were all 5.

Did one pull up from a dead hang, chin over the bar. then got up to my eyes with the repeat.

Like usual I don't feel motivated. tonight I have to try to get push ups, ETK and yoga.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

karma is a bitch

First I messed up the pin for my new atm card, when buying groceries on the way home from work. Turns out, messing it up 1x, locks the card, credit only. Think I re-set it but not sure. I found this out when I made an emergency shopping run to the store tonight.

From the time I got home, until about 10:30 all good. Then tore a callus on my hand. I've been using my ped-egg, and thinking the problem was my imagination, not that it wasn't really filing anything down. Got new pads for that tonight. Wow you can tell the difference. It's not a bad tear, just a small one on the bottom. won't stop me though.

After tearing the callus, I used the bathroom... Turned out the toilet was clogged, I didn't know that, flushed it, and it flowed all over the floor. I didn't have a mop... Maintenance was cool though.

Went to the store to get a mop, when I tried to use the card, with the right pin, it said invalid, to many bad pin. Still worked as credit it, like it did at Kroger's earlier.

I almost spent more money than I should, but talked myself down from buying a new scale. It does body fat, and I found out my current scale was missing the rubber stoppers for the feet on the bottom. don't know if they're really needed... But it's the feet that depress and tell you your weight. I'll see how it works tomorrow. I'll get the other scale next payday (Next Friday).

Friday, January 23, 2009

The last few days

The last few days at work have been hectic and a blur.

I remember the best developer we have coming to me a lot. The first time was to ask me about 2 linux boxes on our network I knew nothing about. The rest of the time, to fix the things that were broken on them, because the windows admin and jr network engineer built them, without understanding how to build linux servers. No fault of their own. They're used to linux on the desktop, linux on the server is a whole new beast.

I remember digging through proxy related activities on the network. I remember finding out that while I was busy with high-profile projects, people have been making changes to the network without checking with me first. And thus, throwing future projects that will improve productivity and enhance the network. I only even found out because JNE asked me a question, thinking he was impressing management, and checking his facts after the fact. At which point started a shit storm yesterday between me, my manager, up to my director, to the director of manufactoring and down the other side. It was a mess.

Which has lead to 2 days of doing network redesigns in my head, having people ignore what I say, because the JNE with the cert and NO to Little experience disagrees with me. A lot of it is because they're thinking departmentally and not company-wide.

At one point, my manager who has been "robbing Peter to pay Paul" said that we couldn't rob Peter to fix the issue. I said we're not. We're going to kill Peter and just be done with it. By the way, robbing Peter to pay Paul, is part of what led to this problem.

Last night in twitter, I said I couldn't wait to go beat someone up. Which is my way of saying I'm looking forward to going to Martial Arts, and distressing while working out. I ended up kicking a lower belt in the back of the head during warm ups. It wasn't meant to happen, my mind just was not in the right place. The 30 self-imposed punishment push-ups afterward weren't very pretty either, since about some of the class dropped to do them with me.

tonight's 100 push challenge, week 1, day 3.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm rabbid I tell you.

One of my biggest problems with work, is turning off after I leave the office. The drive, to and from work, I think work. Doing dishes, I think work, sleeping, I dream work. And sometimes, just sometimes, it actually keeps me up at night.

Tonight is on of those nights. A group of severs at work, are being hit by people trying to use them as a proxy. Damn script kiddies. Anyway, if they were to actually look, they'd see that they're getting 403 errors back and that their attempt at proxying through my system is not working. I've looked at the access logs on all 4 boxes in question. I've even tried it myself.

It just doesn't work. It's just annoying though, that they keep trying. The person who acts as the product support for those servers pointed out the problem today, again. I've been looking at this since before I went on vacation, and it was in the back of my head since then. Problem is, more people are doing it now.

I spent from 11pm, to 1 am looking at it, and reading about penitration testing, and how to test if you're a proxy and etc, etc, etc. As far as I can tell, we're good... I'm going to do a large sweep of the logs tomorrow and see if they agree... But that's still 2 hours I wasted that I won't get back.

Sigh. I like my job, I like the things it lets me learn. I enjoy the stuff I was doing tonight... BUT I NEED TO LEARN TO HIT PAUSE and LEAVE IT FOR LATER

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm a lazy git.

Met with the Event person today. she was nice. I submitted a proposal for the self defense classes. Don't know if I like the way they pay, or the amount I'm asking. I have a feeling either way I'm going to end up on the short end of the deal. I might actually call and ask a tax professional or lawyer about the way they pay. The "it's tax free" bothers me. Its not pay as such, as it is a credit on my rent.

did some grease the groove pull ups tonight. Sets of 5 with the band. I've lost ground without the band. Can't get back to one yet. Back to nose barely clears. Can clear it from a standing position, shorter Range of Motion.

Just did the pull ups for the 100 pull program. Week 1 day 2. Did 60 seconds rest instead of 90 like they say.

16 (they said at least 12).

My shoulders burn now.

Haven't Done ETK since I messed up my ankle. :-(
Like I said, I'm lazy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I feel great

Yoga wasn't as hard as normal tonight. I was the most advanced person there. Kind of sad. The really good yoga lady wasn't there tonight. She had something else to do. The Yoga instructor was the lady one that we've had all month.

There is more interest in my Self Defense class. One of the new people at Yoga tonight is a security guard here. She heard about it Saturday, when I was trying to find the Coordinator. She asked tonight where I studied. I said Allen Park. Too far for her, but the yoga lady said they they could take it there. I had to put the breaks on it there. There is a difference between a Martial Arts Class, and a Self Defense class...

SD - how to punch, kick, block and run away.

MA - History, philosophy, discipline, formality, forms, language, and testing and belts.

But there is interest going around.

Don't think that will work for building up the pull ups

Tried the week 1 day 1 column 1, push up, for pull ups.


Don't think it's going to work... I need to go file my calluses now too.

And I'm tired

Just for fun.

I did squats on the 100 push up program. It was boring...


All rock bottom, but yeah, just interesting. Maybe I should have grabbed a kettlebell first.

restarted the 100.

A few weeks ago, I did the initial push up test. 35 straight. And I do push ups at least 2x a week sometimes more. Never really in sets though. Since I did the 100 last year, and gave up, they've made some changes. You can get pocket mods now for it. Nice little note book made out of 1 sheet of paper. Another change they made, was people over a set number on their test could start on week 3. But like I said I'm not used to do them in set, and my shoulders burned after the first set. I could have gone further on the last set of them, but I don't believe in training to failure.

Today's numbers:
15 "MAX" (at least 9)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

Pullups... I've been doing less and less... Still doing the Grease the Grove method. I do a few every so often. Was up to 5, but now back down to 3 or 4 a time. Still using the 1 3/4 inch band. Getting much higher and better ROM, just less numbers.

Because I'm getting better ROM and hight, I thought about getting the 1 inch band this week, but can't afford it. Well I can, but don't want to pay the 10.00 shipping on it. Adding more to the order would work, but can wait.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This morning's class

It was good. We did some basic motions, one steps, self defense and then started some forms. Not too hard, not too easy. I got to work with the third dan today. It was fun. He's a Detroit cop, so I get too learn all kinds of neat stuff...

Like the way I normally stand, a cop would interpret as a fighting stance. Turns out, that it's the stance that most perps take when they're being disrespectful to the cops, and easy to throw a punch from. I never noticed before. I just like it because it kept my hands from my sides, and everything in plain site.

After class I went to a sport store to find new pants. Didn't find the pair I wanted, and the choice was horrid. I guess I'll order the Under Armor Stretch All Weather pants on line. Hate doing that with clothes. Sigh.

After that, I'm stopped by to find out the best way to get a hold of the event coordinator for the Apartment Complex's club house. The black belt cop, and both my masters agree that I'm close enough to black belt, and since the only thing left for me to do is teach in class (Before testing, teach and get better at the techniques I know, better as in more refined) that I'll be good for the Self Defense class.

I know Monday I said I asked them about it. The thing was, I asked how hard would it be to get a class added to the schedule. The strength training and boot camp classes are the same day and time as Martial Arts. So I wanted to see about getting a trainer for Kettlebells on the weekend. The Yoga ladies were the ones that thought I was thinking self defense. They actually suggested the idea, and I just went with it.

Anyway, when I was asking today at the club house when the best time to get a hold of Cat (the coordinator was) one of the people there asked me why I wanted to get added. I said a self defense class. Her comment was, where was I last semester when she was going to school at Wayne State. That's 3 people that showed some kind of interest in the class. The pressure is starting to build I'm getting nervous about it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

going to be a few days

What is it about Martial Arts on Thursday nights and me injuring myself lately?

Last week I pulled a muscle in my back during class, still aches from time to time a week later.

Last night we were doing Self Defense related stuff... Get out of a bear hug, headlock, and other grapples. On one of them, I was the holder, my workout partner and I ended up going down hard. I don't remember exactly what hold we were doing, but we started moving around the mats in a standing position, and I got my right foot under me in the wrong way. It hurts, regardless of pressure on it or not. I can't wrap it, because then I wouldn't be able to wear a shoe (and it's arctic cold today, -10 when I started the car at 9am, forget the fact I don't have a bandage to wrap with).

Landed on my right hand wrong at some point too.. It's not as bad. Only hurts when I move the wrist a certain way.

So needless to say, it's going to be a few days before I'll be able to work out more.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It shall be called 96lotf

For that is what Tiny URL made it.

My buddy Sandy suggested a work out. I don't think I did it right. But I loved it, hated it, and was cursing him the whole time.

96lotf as Sandy posted on his blog.

I modified it some. First thing I did was drop the timed rounds. Second thing I did, was only count 1, every time I alternated on the Spiderman Climbs, so left foot then right foot = 1. Also messed up on round 6, did 6 presses per side.

10 rounds.
10 Spiderman Climbs

5/5 Push Presses

5/5 High Pulls

10 swings

Total time, 34 minutes, 54 seconds. Probably less, took me a couple of seconds to reach my watch to turn it off.

I liked, I'll have to do that one again, and I can't wait to get the Martial Arts class doing Spiderman Climbs.

Oh yeah, and I actually had to start swearing at myself and beating on my chest between rounds 9 and 10, because I really didn't want to go down for another set of the SC.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And to top it all off, I need to get some blue thread.

Today sucked. Really really sucked.

I woke up sore and tired again. My back was hurting again. Not as bad as last week, but sore enough that I really really really thought about calling in sick today.

Then I get to work. Long story short there, a piece of networking equipment died, and took us off line for about 8 hours. The first 3 hours, you could reach the company websites, but that was it. At 12:30, we rebooted a piece of equipment. Before I did it, I said I didn't think it would fix the problem. I was right. It made it worse. I said worse case, we'll be dead in the water. Close enough, we didn't have any external presence on the ineternet.

In kicks the adrenaline, because shit just hit the fan, and it was my job to fix it. Trying to do 3 or 5 things at once, and making little headway on any of them. Finally I focus on one of them, get the websites back up, even if it's limping along, so the outside world could see us. About an hour later (note this is about 2 hours after the reboot), I got the system up. Changed ip address, monkeyed around with the firewall, ran cables over the floor. All while waiting for Cisco to deliver a new part to us.

Around 3:30, I ran out for comfert food. Regardless of the fact that I had steamed colliflower and broccli, 2 pergoies, and half a chicken breast for lunch at 12:15. I went and got 2 Double cheeseburgers minus onion plus bacon, large fry, large dr pepper, and a large frosty from wendy's. Got back, ate the first burger, felt like crap. After washing my face and hands, to free them of ketchup and mayo (note this around 4pm now, and the part isn't due until after 6pm) I see a car parked on the sidewalk in front of the door. I go out to the lobby, and it was Cisco's delivery team with the part. I don't think the guy thought I was authorized to sign for it, but my name was on the package too, or was supposed to be.

Opened the boxes, and the adrenaline kicked back in, as I flipped the power switches on the equipment. Meanwhile my frosty is melting. Replace the bad card, and everything comes back up... Except the web sites because of the changes I made. So I quickly run off to change the firewall, reconfig the box I changed, change DNS, and all other kinds of fun things that took me an hour to do the first time (un-did it in 15 minutes), and life was happy.

However after running on adrenaline for so long, I'm now exhausted. I was going to come home and just go to bed. Skipped Martial Arts... Of course I diddn't leave work until 6pm. Got bird out of his cage, since it's going down to around -5f tonight, I stopped to retape my bed room window. If I had the tape I'd do the other one, and I really need to get some more weather tape, and replace all the duct tape I used. But it's not as drafty in here. Still some drafts but not as bad.

In the process I cut a line in my blue blanet on my bed. Stupid razor knife. I know it was my own fault. I didn't see the cut (and I looked at the time) until I got in bed. I hope it doesn't get worse between now and the weekend, so I can get some thread and sew it back up. Yes I know how to sew. Which does surprise people. Nothing fancy, but I can make small repairs, and put patches on clothes, I did all the patches on my martial arts uniforms myself. Although next time, I'm going to pay someone.

I was going to skip ETK tonight. but I wanted something to make me feel better than I when I was getting ready to go to bed.

Warm up: 10 minutes.
10x wall squat
10x halo (16kg, 5 to the right, 5 to the left)
10x pumps
Total: 4 sets, could have done more, but I stopped to get the kettlebell off my bookshelf, take off my sweat pants, change my shirts, get my water from the kitchen, etc.

Workout: 24kg, 5 minutes
5 left, 5 right Turkish Get Up.

Had enough time to do a 6th one on the left, but decided against it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I like yoga

Being the only guy in the class helps too... :-P (kidding).

I just enjoy stretching, and stretching with weight (body only) like in warrior 2. I suck on the flexibility, but that'll come some day. Oh, and in a twist, guess what spasm? that's right the back muscle that was giving me problems over the weekend.

I also asked the yoga instructor, and her right hand lady, how hard it would be to get a self defense class added to the schedule. they both liked the idea. SO tomorrow I will be asking my masters for permission to teach one (see if they think I'm qualified), and then talk to the management office.

out of shape

Did ETK when I got home from work.

5 rounds of warm up in 10 minutes:
10 x wall squat
10 x halos (and I did 10 each direction on round 1, 2, 3 and 5. 5 each dir on round 4)
10 x pumps

Then the workout 12 minutes work:
20 swings @ 24kg 2-hand
1 min jumping jacks
20 swings @ 24kg 2-hand
1 min mountain climbers (and I wasn't resting much on the first 2 active rests)
20 swings @ 24kg 2-hand
walked around for a minute
20 swings @ 24kg 2-hand
walked around for a minute
20 swings @ 24kg (10 2 hand swings, 5 right, 5 left).
walked around for a minute
20 swings @ 24kg (time ran out, 3 swings to go, but I did finish them) 2-hand

Probably should have been able to swing faster. Not to worried about it though. I feel good.

lack of motivation

I don't do as much as I should. I don't do as much as I know I can... Mostly because I don't feel motivated.

I'll look at my pull up bar, I'll look at my Fit Decks, I'll look at the kettlebells, I'll look at the space on the floor I do push ups, sit ups, and other body weight drills. But I tend to not do anything after looking. I'll turn around and go back to staring at a computer screen, clicking random links hoping for a new post. Or I'll sit there and feel down because I feel bored, and unmotivated.

The thing is, its not just about working out. It's about other things too... Like reading. I could be reading right now, in fact I should be, but I just can't bring myself to open the book and look at the page for more than 30 seconds. Yes it is stuff I read before, but that shouldn't matter.

It goes for other things too. I could be working on a computer sitting on the work bench behind me. I need to check to see a few things, and make some minor changes to it, I just don't want to, not because I have other things to do, but because I don't feel motivated to do it.

back still hurts

I'm not as bad off as my buddy Anthony C, with him being sick, but man my I hate my body.

Back still hurts from Thursday night. No where as bad as last week, but still sore. My core hurts from the push ups (Saturday) and sit ups (Sunday) I've done.

Over the weekend I've done pull ups, swings, snatches, push ups, and sit ups.

I wanted to start etk today, and the 100 push up challenge, but I tried to pick up a bell, and my body just said no.

I'll try after work, before yoga tonight. Oh, that's going to be a mess.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

that feels better

did a couple more pull ups, groups of 4 and 5, but I haven't been counting how many sets. Probably up around 20.

I did 7 sets of 10 push-ups
then did 3 sets of 15.

Neck is a little tight now. Its ok. Back really doesn't hurt like it was earlier.


I didn't go the Saturday Martial Arts class. Mainly because of how sore my back is. I think I pulled a muscle in my back Thursday night.

After the class my back got sore, and just worse over the course of the night. I spent most of the night sleeping on a heating pad. It didn't help much. I could barely move Friday. If I didn't have stuff to do, I would have blown off going to work and stayed in bed. As it was, I twisted wrong getting out of a car after lunch, and it was bad.

Soaked in the tub for about an half hour last night. That and the 12 hours (broken as usual) sleep helped. Still stiff and sore. If I twist too far it hurts, but it's not as bad as yesterday.

I did some bridges tonight, and everything that hurt started hurting again. So I think it was the bridge over opposite shoulder was the problem.

Oh and I did 9 pull ups so far.

1 set of 4
1 set of 5.

Think I might buy the next size down band Friday.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Martial Arts tonight...

Tonight was great. I got to show two kids how to do rolls. Got to be the mean red belt to the kids class for a bit. Made them fix their belts for being tied wrong. Fix they're stances for being wrong. Ok not that mean really. Well maybe to the kid that had his tooth come out. The same one that hit his head on the floor in the last class of 2008. Made him do push ups, but that was because he didn't bow in our out.

Adult class I actually got it started at 7. all 4 of us that were there on time. Quick set of jumping jacks, then some quick mobility exercises. Then we got serious. I broke out the Combat Sports Fit Deck. The newest white belt hated me by the time we were done. We did half the deck, 10 cards, but I left the repeat cards in. Then we did lots of kicks and things, after more jumping jacks. 2 sets of 10 push ups. The 7th gup (orange belt) said those were easy, so later our next set was 30. I nailed them all...

Then during our second water break, one of the masters said now that we're all tired we should get the cards out. I handed him combat sports. He shuffled them, had three green belts (4th, 5th and a 6th gup) each draw one. Don't remember now, but one was double the next card. SO much fun. But my back hurts now.

I stumbled through O Dan but knew all the motions. Then walked through Bassai a few times. Then switched out with a black belt so he could work his forms, and I worked with a different master to teach forms to the rest of the class. I feel bad about getting one on one forms instruction, but there are no other red belts (3rd, 2nd (my rank) or 1st gups) in the class.

Talked to the one master after class. He wants to add more physical requirements to the tests. Because the club is a charity club, none of the instructors get paid, but don't have to pay for the classes, I'll get a couple of fit decks for them. Body weight, stretch, combat sports, fire fighter (we have 5lbs dumb bells, and will probably get heavier ones later for the adult class) and Navy Seal (Just for the push ups).

another goal down

Just ran through

Pyung Ahn O Dan though my head. All moves. Yes I'll be corrected in some of them, but I think I might just know it.

Now to beat Bassai.

Goals for 2009 - follow up

Made some changes to the list, actually accomplished 2 items... well part of 2 anyway.

I'm thinking of making Health longer. Add doing ETK with 16kg and 20kg before doing 24kg. Not that I really want too, but I've been thinking and I think I want to loose some muscle mass too, not just the fat. But that's if the 22% to 24% was right when I did the body fat test. Think maybe I should by one of those body fat scales. I know my BMI is high, but I also know I have muscle not just fat.

I also added some steps for the finance goal. Starting small, but I have about 5 accounts, I want to get 500.00 buffer in each of them, but for now, I'm going to focus on 100.00 in each. So I can't go on a spending spree (on the shopping list) until I get 100.00 in one, and once the 100.00 is there, I can't touch it. I also priced out part of what it's going to take to build my new PC. I think I might get it for between $1,000.00 and $1,200.00

Create Orange Checking account. Direct Deposit rent + to it.
Under reading, I'm down to the last book in the Giants' series by Hogan.

Small wins make you feel good.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

follow up to the note to self

I deleted my note to self.

Thought about deleting this one too and doing a third. Not being emo, just not liking what I'm learning.

So to get memory and processor I want, I can't have sli. Can still run an nvidia card though. Won't be doing cross fire either.

INTEL Core 2 Quad
Gigabyte mother board (nice specs)
16 gigs of memory.

Now I just need to find a 1tb SATA hard drive, a video card,and power supply. The base os will run on a pata drive (500g) and the 1tb drive will be used for 4 virtual machines. 1 primary, 1 windows (I know, I know, and I'm not happy about going back to it either) and 2 for testing. Mostly linux distro testing.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

slipn and a sliden

Icey out tonight. Sliding all over the place, LOTS of freeway closures because of it.

Took me about an hour to drive the 20 miles from my mom's house to mine.

Martial arts today was good. got there about 20 minutes later than I wanted too.we didn't get to use the fit decks.

Did Pyung Ahn O Dan, and walked through Bassai. Couple of more times through O Dan I might actually know it. Bassai is going to take a while, maybe 2 months or so.

still tired as sin.

Ego Stroking

So one of the things last night, in Yoga, the lady running the class pointed out that while yes I'm a big guy. I'm pretty fit by anyone's standards. I have a lot of muscle on my frame, to go with the fat around my stomach.

It just made me feel good to hear someone say that, that wasn't trying to make me feel better about myself for any reason.

Part of it was there are things I had problems doing during yoga. some of the stretches that required opening the chest and the like.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Yoga tonight

It was nice. It was an instructor, and 2 students. I fell, made a goof of my self, and pushed as far as the body would go. Different instructor than the one we had last time. Last time she was one of the students. She teaches the Saturday Classes usually, but filling in for the guy that usually teaches Mondays. He's getting Mondays this month off. I guess last year he didn't get a vacation, so he complained, so they're giving him 3 day weekends this month.

Much better class. Guided, and she wasn't afraid to get hands on. When I showed up she didn't remember me right away from 2 weeks ago. Which is fine, then she recognized the pants, and remembered I'm the martial arts guy. I'm wearing karate pants to yoga, with whatever for a shirt. It was very very nice. Got to use my new yoga matt. I feel nice and relaxed.

Bigger thing was I jogged and walked there, was worried about making it in time, and ended up being 30 minutes early. It's cold outside, it was 22 or so when I got home, it's about 21 now. I walked back.

I feel good. I didn't get ETK or Hundred push ups (other than the test at work), but I'm sore and tired and ready to go to bed.

I feel like I'm making an excuse

So one of the things I'm thinking about doing, is the 100 push up challenge again. I made it to a repeat of week 3 before I lost interest last year. Did it in June and July. When I took the initial test then, I could do 33 straight. After the first 3 weeks I saw no improvement.

Today I had the person I share my office with count for me (again). I did 35 straight. Which is only 2 more than I did in June. I started to slow down around 15, because my shoulders started to burn. Then at 30 I went from a slower pace to just grinding them out. I was seeing spots and things were going black. I think I stopped breathing at 26.

That still puts me in Level 4 on the test sheet. Not that it means much. The workout says if you can do more than 20 start on week 3 in column 2 or 3 depending on what you did.

All I know is my nose is stuffed up, I didn't sleep well last night, I'm tired / sore /exhausted and have been dragging all day. Wonder how many more I could have made if I was closer to the top of my game, instead of feeling like I was at 75%. I think I did 40 straight back in October, but I had 15 other people doing them with me, and I wanted not be shown up. I think I was the 4th to last to fail.

And even though I was grinding, I think I could have pushed out 5 more if I really really tried. I just didn't want to drain the tank. I'm hoping that I have a yoga class tonight.

sometimes it is the smallest things

I have the ability to log into my home system from work. With a full working gui. It's like sitting at my desk at home, although a little slower for the screen to redraw sometimes. It makes remote testing great. You can learn how to do it here, if you have the right software.

Today is the first time I tried it since I got AT&T hooked up. It wasn't working. Turns out I had to change an ip address. I looked at it, like 30 times and just scanned over it like it wasn't there.

It works now. I feel a little silly about missing something so simple. Oh well.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

More on AT&T

So I said I don't like their tv service, and why before.

Anyway after giving it thought and looking into it further. I have to have the set top box, I wasn't able to find a capture card that will work with the way the residential gateway sends the signal. So here is what I'm doing.

- Keep U-verse, get an HD Converter box, rabbit ears and a signal switch box.

- Get a bird sitting DVD

I ordered a coupon for the box last week. Should get it around the end of the month, according to the receipt. Found the switching box I wanted, but I want to look around to see if I can get it for cheaper.

my hands hate me

I've done 2 sets of 5 today. That's more than I could do in a row than when I started Wednesday. I've been doing sets of X whenever through out the day, and I've made some quick and impressive gains. But my hands are sore today. Really really bad. Even grabbing the bar, with no weight on them hurts.

I hate not working out today, but I don't think I'm being given a choice. I'll have to listen to my body. Normally I just ignore the pain and try to push through, but that's not happening today.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


No this time it is not the answer to what is 6x8. Also known as the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything. If you don't get the joke, read a book.

It is the number of pull ups I did tonight. Not counting the 3 dead hang bodyweight only ones I did today. The 42 were gotten by the use of a SuperBand. The 1 3/4 one. I did 10 sets of 4, and then tried to bang out a few more with no rest.

I actually like the break your workout out through the day method, and damn am I sore. As much as I don't want to. I think I will take tomorrow off. So much for doing pull ups everyday for the next few weeks. But my hands need a break, so does other parts, like my lats and my shoulders.

Strange things happen when you approach strangers

Had to go to the store and get some stuff... Odds and ends. You know toothpaste, dental floss, cartridges for my razor, sand paper. One of the things I wanted to do was look at the price of weights. I wanted to get an idea of how much a 35lbs one would cost me. I looked at k-mart and the largest they went to were 25lbs for hex style dumb bells. Since there is a Dunham's sports in the same strip, I drove over there.

Spotted a guy looking at one of those iron gym things. The door way pull up bars, that sit on the door, not get screwed into it. He then walked over to another area, and looked at some other ones. At which point I told the guy I'd sell him mine for 15.00 or so less. It needs epoxy on the rubber to hold it to the bar (The one that goes over the door), but it was in decent shape and still worked. He asked why I didn't use it. I told him the truth. The door jams at my old house were too large, and while it fits at my apartment, I have one of free standing pull up bars in the back. He asked me to show him. So I did. He liked it more. We got to talking about some other stuff. He gave me his business card. He's an Assistant US Attorney. Actually I think I've met this guy before. he looked familiar, and I know I met a US Attorney before in a sports store. He was very appreciative of the help, was going to check some things out that I told him about.

Ran back into him like 15 minutes later in the check out (I bought a yoga matt, because it was on sale and need it for Monday's Yoga classes, they have community ones, but I'd rather have my own). He said thanks again for the help. Told him I'd call him later this week and give him my number and stuff, and to let me know if he wanted to come over and get a decent workout (I'll introduce him to kettlebells and AOS, plus let him try my pull up bar in the front room).

Oh and the cool thing. I did a pull up (only to chin over the bar, not the chest), and did the corn cob thing (sliding side to side on the bar, didn't try to to go backwards. I also know the guy in that video) ALL FROM A DEAD HANG with no band.

Oh yeah, and I'm up to 24 pull ups today (not counting the dead hangs) with the 1 3/4 band in sets of 4.

my shoulders hurt

shoulders in the back. I think it's from all the pull ups yesterday. But today I was able to do 4 in the first set of the day. Hands hurt to. Around my callouses.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Final count

12 sets of 3 pull ups through out the day. that's 36 pull ups. That is the most I've done in one day Ever. Now to see if I can get 40 in one day in, sometime this weekend.

kind of a follow up to the pull-up post earlier

Here is how my day has gone:
Got up around 11am.
2 sets of 3 pull ups
walked to the management office (about half a mile round trip)
walked around the complex
2 sets of 3 pull ups
breakfast of corn flakes and pbj (this was around 2pm)
banking stuff
took recycle stuff to the recycle center
grocery shopping
sushi (about 5:30pm)
2 more set of 3 pull ups
10 leg lifts
10 knee lifts
3 sets of 20 32kb 2-hand swings (which turned my hands black)
2 sets of 20 push ups
20 right / left side bends @ 24kg
1 set of 3 pull ups. the last one was hard, and on the way back down, my knee slid out of the band, and the band hit the ceiling.
Cooked dinner (ate at 7:30pm)
Set Number 7 of 3 pull-ups
3 more sets of 3 pull-ups.
Last set of those for the night will be at 9pm for a total of 33 pull ups today. Without counting the jump pull-ups I did. Too bad I had to them all with the 1 3/4 inch band. sucks also that 3 at time is the best I can do.

I feel good.

edit: going to just keep adding things to this list. Added dinner and pull ups.

People that don't know what they're talking about

So there is a show on Detroit Public Television right now. It's called Due Process. They have a couple of people on the tv, that really don't' know what they're talking about, about computers and privacy. One is Susan Crawford, Professor of Internet Law at the University of Michigan. The other is Patrick Corbet Professor of Criminal Law at Thomas ME. Cooley Law School.

They're talking about the person who cracked into Palin's private email. And how her privacy wasn't protected because someone was able to use publicly available information to get past the "security questions". The lady, missed her name, is saying that email should be protected by privacy between her and the provider. If you send it clear text, you have no privacy END OF STORY.

Now they're talking about company acceptable use policies. It seems like the 3 talking heads are all lawyers, but still.

Just annoying, completely. They have little clue on the technology side of things, and trying to explain the INTERNET should be. They're trying to sound like experts. And people will believe them because they're law professors.


Edit 1, put their names in, and added information.

edit 2: SCREAMS AT THE TV. Moderator asked if there was a way to completely clean a hard drive. They both said no. They'll always be able to get some of the data back.

I can think of several computer programs that take hard drive as close as possible to out of the box fresh state. I know the NSA uses one of those too.

Sore and tired

I've been working the pull ups lately. 1 3/4 inch band. Lost count of how many I did Wednesday and Thurday. I've done 3 sets of 3 so far today.

My back is sore, and I'm tired.

* Edit: make that 4 sets of 3 so far today.
Lifehacker has a link today to an online site to do a home body fat test.

Did the tape measure. If I hit all the spots right,

43.5 at the widest part of my waist (my belly button). Their directions (Stand up straight, but don't suck in your stomach. Measure the widest circumference.)

45 at the widest part of my hips

13 at the widest part of my forearm

8 around the wrist.

They say with those and my weight that

I have 23.4% body fat.


I have 57.3 Pounds of fat and 187.7 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water).

They say on their site that their test is accurate to +/- 2%