Friday, January 2, 2009

kind of a follow up to the pull-up post earlier

Here is how my day has gone:
Got up around 11am.
2 sets of 3 pull ups
walked to the management office (about half a mile round trip)
walked around the complex
2 sets of 3 pull ups
breakfast of corn flakes and pbj (this was around 2pm)
banking stuff
took recycle stuff to the recycle center
grocery shopping
sushi (about 5:30pm)
2 more set of 3 pull ups
10 leg lifts
10 knee lifts
3 sets of 20 32kb 2-hand swings (which turned my hands black)
2 sets of 20 push ups
20 right / left side bends @ 24kg
1 set of 3 pull ups. the last one was hard, and on the way back down, my knee slid out of the band, and the band hit the ceiling.
Cooked dinner (ate at 7:30pm)
Set Number 7 of 3 pull-ups
3 more sets of 3 pull-ups.
Last set of those for the night will be at 9pm for a total of 33 pull ups today. Without counting the jump pull-ups I did. Too bad I had to them all with the 1 3/4 inch band. sucks also that 3 at time is the best I can do.

I feel good.

edit: going to just keep adding things to this list. Added dinner and pull ups.

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