Wednesday, January 28, 2009

what's going on...

Bad news yesterday at work... But in all fairness to the people that pay me, I'll say no more until later. I have always stated my loyalty goes only as far as my paycheck. Very mercinary like of me, but that is the way I roll. I feel that today's companies don't care about the workers and only care about the $$$ in the bank. BOA showed us that, after they got the bail out and trying holding a conf call with right wing nutters, trying to block people's right to chose (Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)).

Last night I went to Martial Arts early. Got there a few minutes before 18:00 and dropped of the class' fit decks. Then went and changed. Did lots of push-ups in the kids class. I did somewhere around 150 or more last night. Plus my normal class workout, plus some planks (because I was tired of push ups and the person being punished can't do them anyway). 8 plank, 2 side planks. :)

Today more grind at work. I think most of us are still dealing with what was said yesterday. I expect some people to start looking for new jobs, but others don't. I know updating my resume has moved up on the list of things to do. Might actually start applying to them. I was talking about a job posting I saw today on Dice, manager and office mate were there. Manager asked why I was looking for a new job. Office Mate asked "Were you at the meeting yesterday did you hear what they said?" I shouldn't complain too bad I have a job.

I know, I'm being an ass right now... but it's a fine line and while this is supposed to be my space to vent, and the like, and I keep my employer's name out of it, I don't want to risk being fired.

Since I hadn't heard any thing back yet from the apartment complex, I went to the office today and talked to the coordinator. Her GM has been out sick, or so I was told, and she had yesterday off, so she was trying to catch up. It is looking like we're on to start NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! I have so much to do to get ready. However I'll get final word before 5pm tomorrow. Right now it looks like the first class (women's self defense) will be at 7:30, and co-ed self defense will be at 8:30. Which means i'll get done at 9:30. I feel bad for my parrot. He'll be stuck in his cage all that time. :(

My workout tonight was push-ups from the 100 push up challenge. Week 2, day 2. I cut the rest down to 60 seconds instead of 90. Might not be a good idea, but I wanted them done with.

74 total.

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