Monday, January 5, 2009

Yoga tonight

It was nice. It was an instructor, and 2 students. I fell, made a goof of my self, and pushed as far as the body would go. Different instructor than the one we had last time. Last time she was one of the students. She teaches the Saturday Classes usually, but filling in for the guy that usually teaches Mondays. He's getting Mondays this month off. I guess last year he didn't get a vacation, so he complained, so they're giving him 3 day weekends this month.

Much better class. Guided, and she wasn't afraid to get hands on. When I showed up she didn't remember me right away from 2 weeks ago. Which is fine, then she recognized the pants, and remembered I'm the martial arts guy. I'm wearing karate pants to yoga, with whatever for a shirt. It was very very nice. Got to use my new yoga matt. I feel nice and relaxed.

Bigger thing was I jogged and walked there, was worried about making it in time, and ended up being 30 minutes early. It's cold outside, it was 22 or so when I got home, it's about 21 now. I walked back.

I feel good. I didn't get ETK or Hundred push ups (other than the test at work), but I'm sore and tired and ready to go to bed.

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