Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I don't know about the self defense class

I'm not too sure about the class. I went to that seminar over the weekend. And they taught, in my opinion, junk.

I know some of the people I work with say they like my teaching. I was asked tonight by the coordinator if I still wanted to teach it, since my first month teaching ended tonight.

I do want to keep teaching it, but last week, I hurt at least one of the female students. The one in the women only class. We were doing grab break aways, and I didn't try to hurt her, but something in her wrist popped.

The second class, I was trying to have the woman in that break the re-breakable board. I think I had her try too many times though. She didn't show up tonight.

The guy from the co-ed class showed up early. Since there was no one there for the women's class, we started early. He liked it... About half way through what would have been 2 hours training (it took me some time to get the ankle brace on), we did some knife and club techniques. He wanted to, been asking for 2 weeks to do some more. I would have preferred to cover it near the end of the class, but we did it in the middle.

We have rubber knives but they still hurt if you get hit. Anyway, I had his arm barred, in a standing position. Showed him how to do the bar, but he didn't think it would work if someone was fighting you on it. We're standing wrestling, and yeah he couldn't move, and I said and now all I have to do is straighten my leg against yours, and push. I've done this more times than I can count in martial arts. Didn't do it hard, didn't do it forcefully, and we both went down. His knee was swelling up, when he left. pretty bad, you could see it through his jeans.

My ankle hurts even more, because when his knee went, the way we went down, and since it was right to right, guess what got trapped and twisted under him.

I'm wearing one of those sock style braces right now. doesn't seem to do much though. Going to wear it all night, or close to it, to give it some more support.

I just fear that if I keep hurting people, and I'm not trying too, that I'll have no one wanting to come train under me. My confidence is shook right now is all.

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Jennifer said...

This is one of the major tricks of teaching, knowing what your students can and can't handle. (Not that they shouldn't have been able to handle it.) Every teacher meets this at some point. Don't let it get u down. Just learn from it.