Monday, March 2, 2009

my plan

Here is what I want my work outs to look like. I actually have it writen down, and now putting it here. But so far I'm made of fail. All I got done today, was the yoga, and I even had problems with that.

M: ETK, 100 Pushups, Yoga
Tu: ETK & Martial Arts
W: Pushups, Fit Deck, and Teaching Self Defense classes
Th: ETK & Martial Arts
F: ETK & Pushups, some grease the grove pullups.
Sa: Martial Arts, some grease the grove pullups.
Su: Kettlebell DVD, some grease the grove pullups or rest depending on how I feel.

I could do some modding this week and see if I Can salvage it by starting a day late.

We'll have to see. Screw it, I'm doing the push ups tonight, and I'll do the ETK one day off this week. Its not fail, unless I sit and suffer in my self pitty and do nothing.

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