Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm starting to think that AT&T hates hockey

I have to double check when I get home, but it looks like I couldn't watch hockey this year if I wanted too.

I don't remember ordering the sports package, which is the only way I can get FSD (fox sports detroit, the local station that shows the red wings). I also don't get CBC (the other channel for hockey in this area).

If this is the case, why have I not canceled ATT tv yet.

Like I said, I have to double check when I get home. but since my pay has been cut, and the money sites say cancel cable when you're in debt... Well. I think I found what I can cancel.


Checked when I got home, I do have FS-D. Think I might watch some Hockey this weekend. I miss it. Haven't watched any games this year because the Red Wings Organization refused to sell more than 2 tickets to people on opening day.

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