Monday, March 9, 2009

More on the suck of the Library

The online card catalog is useless. I've searched several times for the book, "YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE". Each time it failed. I even tried searching by the author, cut and pasted from Amazon's website. All searches came back negative.

So I ran up there after work looking for The Money Makeover. I found the section, the book wasn't there. But I started looking at other books in the section to see if there was a different finance book I thought might be a good priemer until I could buy YMOYL or TMM came back in. Scanning the shelf, what did I find?

Your Money or Your Life. Oo? Went over the card catalog, still not listed, but this time the author was. As well as the first edition... But when I searched the title, nothing came back.

Needless to say I grabbed it and ran.

One thing I did try to do, since the author order was different than I remembered it (newer edition), was try to get online with my nokia N800, it kept asking for my library card number, but wouldn't take it. So it looks like it doesn't work with all browsers. I'll take the laptop some other time and try that.

Note, this is the first place I've ever had a problem trying to use my nokia online at. Other places that require a customer login never failed.

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