Tuesday, March 3, 2009

well now, that hurt

So while positive thinking can get your through a lot... it can't get you through pain.

My ankle has been messed up since January 15th... When I hyper extended it at martial arts. Not as bad as my brother's knee (which he dislocated and broke)... but still.

This morning, because I didn't want a heavy work out before eating, and wanted to do mostly grind stuff, I grabbed my 2 16kg kettlebells, and did thrusters. My plan was 3 sets of 10.

My ankle did not like, even after putting the brace on it still did not like.

But then again, it didn't care for the 10 prisoner squats I just did either.

Also added a new tag. Injuries (went back and tagged the ankle post with it. I'll tag new ones with those so I can go back in time and look at them.

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