Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diet and...

so when I did the life post earlier, I forgot to mention a few things. Note this is my 5th post today.

1: Diet - So I'm testing at the end of the summer. That's all I know. It should be for my first gup, but if any past performance is any indication of future expectations, I might be testing for higher. I really don't think so though.

Either way, I want to be in a size 5 uniform. Because those are my patched uniforms, and I don't want to patch my current ones.

Tho help me reach that goal, I gave up drinking alcohol a while ago. I don't miss it to the point I don't even know how long it's been. about a month or so.

I've also decided this week to give up meat. Not quite vegan, but pretty close. Line last night when someone asked me what a vegan was, he knew the word but not what one was, I said "if it doesn't grow from the ground it doesn't go in your mouth"

I have cheese and potato perogies, and I'm not going to go obsessively over the contents on some wrappers (power bars). Otherwise no dairy, no eggs, nothing that doesn't come from the ground. I'm going to grab some soy protein this week at the store though. Not that I'll really need it.

So until July 31, no booze, no meat.

Martial Arts goes on break after next week for 6 weeks. My plan for those six weeks are:
Monday - Yoga
Tuesday - Power Core (taught at the apartment complex, it's free)
Wednesday - not sure yet
Thursday - Bootcamp (taught at the apartment complex, it's free)
Friday - Kettlebell class
Saturday - don't know yet
Sunday - Kettlebell class (if I can afford it).

Also want to work ETK minimum again at 24kg, and 100 push-ups, and some kind of pull-up and sit up program. (Have to be able to do 45 consecutive push ups and sit ups for my next martial arts test). Maybe I'll try to get pistols down too.

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