Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday: Evening

Came home at 4:30, after the long day at the funeral. Washed my uniforms quickly. Still a little wet when I left. Glad my car was hot, but still didn't feel completely dry when I put it on.

Worked the shields when kids were kicking. Then worked with the students that were not testing. Did 1 steps, 3 steps, and Forms. Let 2 (3rd and 6th gups) do some light sparing at the end of the class.

Adult class was turned over to me for warm up. I was told to warm them up in under 10 minutes if I could. Started with jumping jacks, tossed in squats mid jack, squat thrust style push ups mid jack, jumping twists mid jack, and Range of Motion work. Then for fun, after... I tossed in some full body attacks. Think Deck Squat Brupees. When I was done, we were soaked and out of breath. Had a guy say he didn't think a person could be worked that hard in 10 minutes.

Master Clinton told us to get water and line up for one steps. After a few minutes of being in line and not having him come back to start us, I took full control of the class. We ended up having a visiting master.

One steps, three steps. Circled around the heavy bag, by rank. Rule was, lowest rank started, and it was 1 minute as hard as you could against the bag. Finish as hard or harder than you started. We went around 2 times. Second round we were harder than the first round. I think I hit the bag wrong and sprained my wrist. However at the end of my last minute (highest rank), after the timer buzzed, I collapsed. I was in the mid of sucking wind, trying to tell them to get water, and my legs both gave out, and I fell to the left. It's my left hand that's sprained. At first I thought I rebroke my middle knuckle, the whole had hurt.

At one point, after her second time through, one person asked if she could go get her inhaler, my only response was never ask. She asked using hand motions. I'll have to say something Tuesday to both classes about the things you don't ask for. Passing out, inhalers, and throwing up.

Then we did forms. Did lots of forms multiple times, then did all forms as 1 long form, drop out when you get to you finish your highest. The other guy the same rank as me (I'm higher in rank because I've got time in grade, been the rank longer) went through, 10 forms. No rest.

Then class ended.

Then I did 30 straight punishment push ups because I messed up the same form 6 times or so.

At one point yesterday, Master Clinton told another Master I trained under in the late 90s early 2000 that I'll probably get my black belt by the end of the year. That was at the funeral. I was told at one point during class, that I'll be testing the early part of the summer semester. 7 weeks or so. Too much to do in that time. I don't feel ready, said as much, and was told I will be told when I'm ready. :-( I have some goals I want to accomplish before my next test (should be 1st gup). Now I have less time to get them done in. And I'm nursing another injury.

One of the guys there, J the tall guy, trained there when I was kid with me. He's 10 years older than me, was in his teens back then. He used to take 1st or 2nd at the tournaments, his buddy would take the other (we've always put out the best). After the class last night, he and several other said great class. He said that I should become a Fighting Coach. Boxing or something. He would know, he used to be a "professional" tournement fighter. Only reason he trained was to go to tournies and clean house.

When I lead, I usually push harder than everyone else when I lead the class. I do it all too, because I want to be better than I am. Lots of Cardio and strength mixed together. Almost all body weight.

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