Monday, June 29, 2009

I missed that, but have not missed it.

Did ETK. 22 minutes of pain.

I missed that. Yet I didn't.

5 rounds of warm up in 10 minutes
wall squats
and pumps

12 minutes of work
30 swings
1 min active rest.

completed through 6 times at 24kg.

Took a few minutes to get into the right mind set on the warm ups. When the timer chimed for the end of the warm-up, I grabbed the kettlebell and wondered what the hell I was doing. It was hard. lungs burnt.

max heart rate 178 (94%)
Min Heart rate 80 (42%)
avg heart rate 142 (75%)

290 Calories.


Started back in today.


5 minutes 51 seconds
26 calories.

today is going to be fun

234 lbs. this morning. Yesterday was 233.5 pounds. The receptionist said I don't look like I weigh more than 200.

Today I go back to training. My left shoulder is still a little stiff, but it's time to see what I can do.

100 push-ups and etk on dock for tonight.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pidgin, Yahoo, and Debian Testing

So like lots of people, I've been having problems with Pidgin and Yahoo, after the upgrade. I followed several "work arounds". However every couple days it stopped working again.

If you followed the blog at all, you know I run Debian Testing right now. Currently, testing doesn't have the latest version of Pidgin that fixes the issue.

Instead of waiting, or changing my source lists, I went to the Debian Package pages and found the files I needed to get it to work.

If someone else wants to use DPKG to install just the files they need, here are the ones I needed:


Libpurple0 and pidgin-data were needed for pidgin. Libzephyr4 was needed for libpurple to install.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

840 cals

First workout this week, 840 calories, between running, power core, and walking home from it. 1 hour 33 minutes. Got some extra play time in after the class.

Shoulder is a little sore. Glad and sad that I'm not doing kettlebells.

Friday, June 19, 2009

not of the happy

I can only lift my left arm about 45 degrees before the pain kicks in. I can go higher if I really push it. That's going out to the side. Going forward, I can go higher, and it feels funny if I rotate it to the side but doesn't hurt until I try to put it down.

After talking with the way awesome Jen B, RKC and MD, I'm going to take the next 10 days or so off from things that need my arm. I'm not going to stop training completely, but I'll be taking from today, until NEXT week Sunday off from Kettlebells, burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.

Not sure about the power core or boot camp classes, since they do require arm work.

Not really happy about that. I'll try to jump more rope, hike, roller blade, bike, jog and etc more. Lots of squats, maybe I'll work pistols... Going to practice kicks a lot too.

I'm not exactly happy about this, and I'll go back one week to week 2, when I go back to training. So that means week 2 of the 100 push-ups and week 2 of ETK (but 30 swings both swing days).

That throws my whole calendar out of whack for the rest of this month too.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not of the good

Got home from work at 7pm. Mainly because I did some running around. Stopped at a dive shop, outdoor store (sun & snow in A^2), and then back to work to look for my house keys and pit-stop.

Ran and walked to "Boot Camp". Feeling saucy, kept asking for more at the end. Everyone was hating me, but it was because they were being quite. I'd say more please, they'd say nothing or groan, and the instructor would take that as group consent. Finally he asked if we wanted more, I asked for plyometrics he said that was the game. So I did some side ways leaping push-ups, Right then Left. Then front and back. Then thigh clap push-ups. Then plank to knuckle push-up.

Then jogged back, not much faster than walking but a little, to my apartment from the complex.

Just got done doing ETK. My back and shoulder have been bothering me. Left shoulder hurts in a strip, back about inch wide behind right shoulder blade.

Remember, I'm doing this at 24kgs (53lbs).

ETK practice round: 5 minutes.
5 r/l Clean & Press. Left hurt something bad, along the strip that hurt. Could hear grinding and cracking. (Think rice crispies).
5 r/l snatches. They were not much better.

Warm Up: 10 minutes
10 wall squats (no problems here).
10 r / l halos (shoulder didn't care for it, but it wasn't complaining. Actually started to feel good).
10 pumps (I had to do the last 2 sets from yoga child position).

I only made it 4 rounds, I wanted to cry during the pumps.

Work out: 12 minutes
40 swings
1 min jumping jacks
40 swings
1 minute kick backs
40 swings
1 min lunge to a slave head to floor
40 swings
1 min log
40 swings
1 min jumping jacks.

40 swings is still really nailing my grip. But I made it through. Tonight could have been better, but I haven't had anything to eat since 7pm, and that was 1 pb sandwich (on potato bread) and one extra slice of bread.

I know my tank is on empty right now.

Shower, and then corn flakes with silk. Then bed.

Undecided if I'll repeat week 3 next week. I'd rather not. I'm still making it to the second time through, so I probably won't.

I really am starting to think that my body is at it's limit, and wants more than just 1 to 2 days rest. But the schedule will not allow it. I'm already cutting back on some of what was on the list. not doing 3 a days, and yesterday (my light day) I cut one workout completely.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

just another step

Week 3, day 2 of 100 push-up challenge.

25+ (hit 30).

Hurt getting that far. It wasn't easy. 90 seconds rest was awesome. Not looking forward to Friday.

not much to say

Not much to say. ETK last night, 5 minutes practice (clean and press and snatches). 10 minute warm up, 5 minute turkish getups. 5 per side.

Think I was gripping the bell too tight on when dropping it from either the clean or the snatch. Hand blistered up. No tears. Still some blistering on the right hand.

Best TGUs I've ever done at that weight. everything felt stable, and could put hand flat on the ground on the way back down. Usually on the balls of the fingers / hand when going down from standing.

Power Core was fun. 10lbs weights. Hope I don't have to use those in boot camp. That'd kill me.

Re did my polar heart rate monitor like I said yesterday. Numbers from power core were lower than I'm used too. 450+ for an hour of work. Back hurt, really need to get and take an ab mat with me.

Feel sore in the shoulders today. Blew off push ups this morning. I'll do those when I get home tonight. Think I'll do combat sports deck for the fit deck / second workout of the day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

remains of last night

I ended up skipping Providence. My grip is still noodley feeling today.

Got home, did 10 minutes of jump rope. Best streak I had was 50 in a row. It was ok, I was on the patio, I tried to start in the grass, but it just didn't happen. Kept getting tripped up on every twirl. the "rope" was all coiled too from being wrapped tight around the handles and sitting in my Tang Soo Do bag for so long. It's one of those plastic speed ropes that Everlast sells.

Then I had corn flakes with fresh strawberries in syrup. Quarter the strawberries, and sprinkle with sugar, syrupy the next day. Yummy good. had what was left with my corn flakes for breakfast today too.

About an hour after jumping rope, I started up ETK. While watching Star Trek: TNG. For some reason I like working out more when there is Sci-Fi on.

Week 3 starts with adding 5 more minutes to the workout. At least the version of ETK I'm doing (The AOS:ETK Workbook). The first five minutes are practice. Practice the Clean and Press and the Snatch. I did sets of 5 per side. 2 times through. First time through I did Dead Clean and Press, with long cycle snatches. Second time through I did long cycle C&P with dead snatches.

Then I did the Warm Up round. Made it through 5 times, just barely, I was rising from the last pump when the timer chimed.

Then I went after the 40 swing workout set. 40 swings at 24kg really really works the grip. Last set I had to break it up, never setting the bell down. I did 20 2 hand swings, switched to 5 right hand, 5 left hand, and 10 2 hand swings.

My legs and my forearms are sore today. Tonight it's ETK TGU day, and the core conditioning class.

Monday, June 15, 2009

what's left for today

adjust my heart rate monitor
10 minutes of jumping rope
ETK week 3, day 1
AOS: Providence

Oh and it's Monday, that means weight in day.

3 lbs down from the beginning of the month. 2.5 lbs from last week.

monday morning pushups

Slept fairly good last night. Woke up several times, but other than that, I enjoyed the sleep. If I didn't have to go to work today, I'd sleep some more. Was out cold before 11pm last night.

Morning Push-ups 100 Push-up challenge.

I'm worried about Wednesday. I did 41 straight push ups yesterday. Which puts me in the third collumn, but every time I've gotten this far in the past, this is the week that cause me to fail and enter multiple repeat mode. Getting to 25 today on the last set was not easy. Needed to hit 20.

Although I've made it further than ever (week 3) in etk. Usually get stuck repeating weeks 1 and 2 for a month and then give up.

37 calories in 6.5 minutes.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Walked around Ford Lake today. 1800+ calories in 4 hours and 20 minutes. No idea how far, google won't let me map it around.

My feet hurt. Legs are sore. Strangely I'm not that hungry.

Lastly, since I'm not going for anymore work outs this week... Here's my weekly total.

9 hours and 27 minutes of "working out"
4883 calories.

NICE!!! That's over a pound of Fat.

Friday, June 12, 2009

harder faster better stronger

Finished week 2.

2 min rest between sets.

ETK Week 2 day 4 work book.
5 rounds warm up in 10 minutes
5 right / 5 left Turkish GetUps.

27 mins work, 213 calories.

Boot camp was 700+ in 1 hour. Won't tell what the week is yet. Moving one work out from today to tomorrow. FitDeck Body Weight moved. :(

Shoulders hurt. Don't have time before the hockey game.

Cant' wait to see what the cal count is this weekend. Missing the ETK workout from yesterday.

Scale said 335.5 this morning. Not a weight in day, so I hope I can keep it from coming back all weekend.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ready... Hit it.

Title from Mythbusters last night. I liked how the pilot kept saying that before maneuvers. Used it as my slogan for working out today.

Did ETK (Work Book) week 2, day 3 today. 30 swings, minute active rest. The swings were killer on my grip. 24kg, not fun. But that's why I do it, to become better.

Then like last week, about 30 minutes later, I went to the Apartment Complex's "Boot Camp" class. Got 6lbs balls this week. Heaviest he has (toning balls). He asked if my Core was sore from the Power Core class. I answered truthfully. Back was sore after, but felt nothing yesterday or today. I looked at me like I was insane, and said he didn't want to see what my workouts at home were like. I suggested Turkish Get Ups at one point in class, showed it. Girls in the class whined and said no. Liked what he gave us even less. :-)

Rocked boot camp.

Then invited him over to see what my work outs looked like. Introduced him to the calendar, the 100 push up challenge, my heavier and heavy kettlebells (He's met the 16kg before). Loaned him my copy of Art Of Strength's Kettlebell Clinic volume 1. I'll get it back Tuesday. Showed off my Power Tower. I asked him how much he thought I weighted. He looked me up and down a few times, thought about it, and finally said 205. I laughed. Still floating at 240. He asked if my workouts were causing weight loss or gain. I said holding steady. Showed him a negative pull-ups (controlled lowering), since he asked what they were while looking at the FitDecks. He'll probably pick some of those up. he was really interested in them.

Now, if I could only get him to Joust Fitness to play with the kettlebells there. I think he'd enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

messed up the push-ups

so I did my push-ups this morning. But I messed up the count. So I did about 8 extra in set 2.

started counting from 15, realized mistake at 23.
redid set no rest after finding mistake

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Power Core was interesting

Tried the power core class. It was interesting. All Core work. Mostly leg lifts related. My back did not like. And I started to wonder why I'm doing the calendar workout I am. Starting to think it might just be too much.

Then the wings Lost the game. Not surprised. I was expecting it. Would have been nice to finally shave though. I do at least have to clean the beard up for Thursday though.


Not letting this morning discourage me was over half the battle. Came home, got set up, and said you and me body. Fail again, I'll find a cloning company to replace you.

5 rounds of warm up in 10 minutes.

5 rounds of Right / Left Turkish Getups in 5 minutes.

168 Calories in 15 minutes. Not horrible, but meh.

I'll probbly re program the heart rate monitor this weekend.

Well that was a failure

Normally when I get up in the morning, I'm more about lumbering and staggering than I am about moving fluidly. My body is usually stiff, and a little sore. As the day wears on, I can work the kinks out. Which is part of the reason why I don't like working out in the morning.

The last 2 weeks, I've done ok with push ups in the morning before I shower, but doing more than that is usually off the table.

Since I have a class tonight, called power core, I thought I'd try and get ETK done this morning. When I did ETK followed by "Boot Camp" last Thursday I showed them up, but would have liked more time between the two to rest / relax.

Unfortuantly ETK this morning was a failure to launch. I couldn't get my body to move right. The wall squats were horrid. The halos, with 12kg bell were burning my shoulders and not that fun to do. The pumps, I had to do from child (yoga position) since I couldn't get into Downward facing dog.

After only getting 2.5 rounds finished in 8 minutes, I decided to call the work out. Wasn't really warmed up, and the body was fighting me. I didn't even want to try and lift 24kg over head and go through all the planes of motion. I knew it would be a bad idea.

So I'm going to go to work and grind through the day. Then when I get home I'll try ETK week 2 day 2 again. Maybe I'll be in a better body set.

I quesiton what I was thinking.

push-ups. Done. Did earlier see last post.

ETK. Done...
4 rounds of warm up in 10 minutes

work out...
7 sets of swings with 1+ minute breaks between. Only +min a couple of times. Captain freaked a few times. Once he landed on the fan. The fan going on High, which has a habbit of having the cover come off... Another time, I had to go find him. Kicked a door doing pushup to a squat thrust.

Then I went shopping and tried to rest up some. At 23:15 I started AOS: Providence. Once again it beat me. made it half way through round 9 though. new personal best.

I hear kettlebells get slippery when wet. Mine sticks to my hand like Spider-Man shot his web-fluid on it. Could not pass off on the tactical lunge. Nor was I getting in the right lunge. At one point I did figure 8s... sigh. Oh and the top of my legs were really red.

calorie counts
691 cals today, if I got the math right.

ETK in the morning. Power core class tomorrow night.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Calories burnt last week: 1524
Time worked out last week: 2 hours 27 minutes.

Didn't wear my Heart Rate monitor for everything though, so I know there were more cals and time then the listed.

This morning's weight-in: 238.5

Over slept this morning. Went to bed at 2:30am. The alarm went off. I remember getting up and hitting snooze. Next thing I knew it was 9:30am.

Push ups only thing I got done. 60 Seconds rest between sets.
73 total: 37 calories in 6m38s.

I'm not sure I'm going to get everything in today. I'll have to find away though.

My workout calendar for the month of June.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I need to figure out a better way to do this. Doing programs back to back like this is just too hard.

Morning Pre-Breakfast.
Week 1, Day 3 of 100 push-up challenge.
11 (2 minute rest)
15 (2 minute rest)
9 (2 minute rest)
9 (30 seconds rest)
75 Total

About 10 minutes later or so I did:

Enter the Kettlebell Week 1, Day 4:
Warm-up, 4 rounds in 10 minutes
10 wall squats
10 R/L Halos
10 pumps (really really had problems).

Workout 3 rounds in 5 minutes
1 R/L Turkish Getup.

I wore my heart rate monitor wrist unit for the first round of push-ups. It was causing problems my wrist hurt. So I took it off for the rest of the rounds.

Wore it on flipped around on the wrist (face on the inside of wrist) for ETK. But My shoulders and legs couldn't take the pumps in the warm up. Ended up doing them from the Child position in yoga.

Even after that, my body didn't want to do the Turkish Getups, but at least the left shoulder was more stable, even if I did get 2 less rounds in than last time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bring it

Tonight was hell. two workouts with 30 minutes rest between them.

Started ETK just after 6:30pm.
FIVE rounds of warm up in 10 minutes. Each round looked like this:
10 wall squats (but I messed up the first round, did 12).
10 Right Halos.
10 Left Halos
10 pumps.

Work out:
20 Swings
58 Jumping Jacks
20 Swings
kick backs (still can't do the mountain climbers)
20 Swings
Push-up to a squat thrust
20 Swings

20 Swings
59 Jumping Jacks
20 Swings
kick backs
20 Swings

Might have gotten a little further but I missed time in an active rest looking for Captain. He made a really strange squawk and then got real quiet. I was on the last swing at the time, dropped the bell and went running looking for him. Found him on top of his cage. Don't know what the deal with the strangled squawk was. He never makes that kind of noise.

Then I got dressed (did the ETK in a pair of shorts), ate quickly, and then ran off to the Apartment complex's club house for the Boot Camp class. Was given a 5lbs ankle weight, and 4 pound balls for the hand. I asked for and got 5lbs balls though. The trainer, only other guy in the room (lots of ladies though) was using 4lbs. Everyone was trying to talk me into lighter weights.

Hour work out later, I felt good. Warmed up, not really feeling worked out. Asked if we could do more. The class looked at me funny. The Kettlebell classes at Wate-man and Joust Fitness are harder than the boot camp class. I tore it up with the 5lbs weights.

My hips and shoulders are starting to feel it, but I don't feel like I was murdered, like I expect from a boot camp class. I was warned that he made the class harder when men show up to it, but I took what had to give me and asked for MORE! Yes there were some things I had problems with, and didn't get as many reps in as I would have liked on some sets.

I also learned, ETK in the morning on Tuesdays (power core days) Thursdays (Boot camp Days) and Fridays (Joust Fitness Kettlebell class days).

Lastly, everyone was in shock of my shoes at the Boot Camp Class. They didn't know what to make of them. Went and got pizza after wards, and a guy was blown away by them. Asked all kinds of questions, thoguht they'd cost way more than I paid.

And Paul Coffee is at the hockey game.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I eat push-ups for breakfast

So this morning, before breakfast, I did Week 1, day 2 of the one hundered push-up challenge.

I kind of messed it up. I was supposed to have 90 seconds of rest between rounds. From round 1 - 3 90 seconds was done. it was hard though. Didn't like waiting that long. Round 3 to 4, was a 45 second wait. Round 4 to 5 was 20 seconds.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ETK Day 2.

I got up this morning sore. I know it was from yesterday's workouts. I could barely lift my arms over my head in the shower. So no morning workout.

Went to work. Did the work thing. Left, and went to my Great Aunt's viewing at the funeral home.

After that I took my mom, brother and uncle out to eat. Ate way too much at Mongolian BBQ.

Ran from there, to the parking garage, maybe 200 meters.

Came home, watched the Red Wings lose. :-(

Was going to call it a night, and do ETK day 2 tomorrow, but I know where that road leads. I'd find a reason to not do it tomorrow, and next week I'd be starting all over again. Maybe. Got every thing set up, and did it.

4 round of warm up in 10 minutes. Same as yesterday.

5 R/L Turkish Getups in 5 minutes. Left side was like a limp noodle while trying to do them. Shoulder wouldn't activate regardless of what I tried to make it do so. Also the bell, 24kg, hurt my wrist and hand. Not banging or anything, just the pressure on the hand to hold the bell in that position.

But like I said yesterday, I can only get better, right?

My friend Sandy said, Sunday, "If you really want to do it, you'll find away to get it done". I think that was what pushed me to doing it tonight. Because I knew if I didn't, it wouldn't happen.

In the morning push-ups. Tomorrow Night, I think I'm going to try Providence see how far I can make it at 16kg now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

4 and 5

4th post today.

Yoga was a bit of a bust. The normal instructor is out of the country. The last Iheard was they had a sub. One of the other students was going to be certified and would fill in. 4 of us showed up, but no one showed up to teach the class or let us know what was going on.

I still stayed for 30 minutes and did some motions. Got a chance to talk to people too. They claimed interest in the self-defence class, but it was cancled before they moved in.

A few minutes ago. I decided to see how many straight sit-ups I could do at one time. I have to be able to do 45 non-stop for my next test. I accomplished that no problem. I probably could have made 50, but 45 was good enough.

3rd exercise

Yes, number 3 today...

ETK, Week 1, Day 1. Based off the AOS ETK workbook.

10 minute warm up.
10 wall squats (did 11 first round)
10 Halos counter-clockwise
10 Halos clockwise
10 pumps.

Did 3 sets.

12 minute workout:
20 swings
60 jumping jacks
20 swings
mountain climbers (I suck at these)
20 swings
8 push-up to a squat thrust. They were hard after this morning's push-up work out.
20 swings
1 hallway jog

20 swings
53 jumping jacks
20 swings
19 per leg, kick back, from all fours.
20 swings.

The exercises between the swings, were done in 60 seconds each.


Could have been better, but it's a good start.

Now to get ready for yoga, in 20 minutes....


Second exercise

A while back (early February) my brother broke his knee at martial arts. This was a knee that someone broke for him in wrestling in jr highschool. Someone on the same team as him. Broke the same way.

Since then I've taken him Downtown to Henry Ford Hospital, to get x-rays and follow ups. We have to go up the 12th floor every time. My mom and him take the elevator, I take the stairs. Up and down all 12 flights. It gets some doctors and other staffs attention.

Today I ran the first 6 flights, taking the stairs 2 or 3 at a time. I walked the last 6, but at 9 I was thinking of trying to run some more. It was hard to breath, the stairwell was hot and stuffy.

Felt good though.

Coming back down, medical staff (not sure if it was a doctor or not), got stuck behind my mom and brother (now that he's off crutches I make them walk down with me). I missed the conversation because I moved faster than they did, but my mom was telling the lady I make them take the stairs because I think it's good exercise.

Morning workout

Slept about 5 hours. Went to bed at 12:30, but it took a bit to fall asleep. So I'm thinking about 1am before I was out. Got up at 6am on the dot. Little surprised, I felt awake when I got up. Dreams were a little strange though.

Monday Morning Weight in: 239.0. lbs

The scale does weight in half pound, and rounds up, maybe I'll get a new better scale some day.

Workout, due to time or else I would have added ETK, was 100 push-up challenge. Week 1, day 1. 60 seconds rest. I can still do between 25 and 35.

Then I found out that I did 47, I did 3 more to round out 60.

Have to figure out when to get ETK week 1, day 1 mixed in. I'll try between when I get home and before Yoga. Haven't' been to that for 3 weeks.

And I got up at 6am, so I could get my brother to the hospital this morning. Should be his last x-ray for his knee.