Wednesday, June 17, 2009

not much to say

Not much to say. ETK last night, 5 minutes practice (clean and press and snatches). 10 minute warm up, 5 minute turkish getups. 5 per side.

Think I was gripping the bell too tight on when dropping it from either the clean or the snatch. Hand blistered up. No tears. Still some blistering on the right hand.

Best TGUs I've ever done at that weight. everything felt stable, and could put hand flat on the ground on the way back down. Usually on the balls of the fingers / hand when going down from standing.

Power Core was fun. 10lbs weights. Hope I don't have to use those in boot camp. That'd kill me.

Re did my polar heart rate monitor like I said yesterday. Numbers from power core were lower than I'm used too. 450+ for an hour of work. Back hurt, really need to get and take an ab mat with me.

Feel sore in the shoulders today. Blew off push ups this morning. I'll do those when I get home tonight. Think I'll do combat sports deck for the fit deck / second workout of the day.

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