Monday, June 1, 2009

Second exercise

A while back (early February) my brother broke his knee at martial arts. This was a knee that someone broke for him in wrestling in jr highschool. Someone on the same team as him. Broke the same way.

Since then I've taken him Downtown to Henry Ford Hospital, to get x-rays and follow ups. We have to go up the 12th floor every time. My mom and him take the elevator, I take the stairs. Up and down all 12 flights. It gets some doctors and other staffs attention.

Today I ran the first 6 flights, taking the stairs 2 or 3 at a time. I walked the last 6, but at 9 I was thinking of trying to run some more. It was hard to breath, the stairwell was hot and stuffy.

Felt good though.

Coming back down, medical staff (not sure if it was a doctor or not), got stuck behind my mom and brother (now that he's off crutches I make them walk down with me). I missed the conversation because I moved faster than they did, but my mom was telling the lady I make them take the stairs because I think it's good exercise.

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