Wednesday, July 15, 2009

After TSD

So after I got home from Tang Soo Do, I still had to do ETK for day 2. 10 min warm up. Got 5 rounds. First round was hard, my body didn't want to let me do anything. I could barely squat, the halos burned and the pumps... They made me want to cry.

The Get up Portion, my left side has lost all stabilization. It sucked. I'd be in the bent over part of the TGU, and my arm would be wobbling every which way. But only the left side. Right side was locked in great the whole time.

I was trying to pull the shoulder blade back and down (toward the opposite hip) but I think the pushing to the ceiling is what undid all that work. I think I'll try some windmills tonight when I get home with the 24kg bell. After the push-ups and pull-ups, but before the fit deck.

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