Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Forgot the HRM last night.

I was so excited to be back to Tang Soo Do, that I completely forgot to put on my Heart Rate Monitor. It was even in the bag.

The kid's class had 10 kids in it. 2 of them were new. Hoping that more show up soon. I did the kids class warm up, and the adults were all there by 7pm, which was nice and different. We got to go to the ICE RINK part of the community center to warm up. There was no ice on the rink.

Warm up was a killer. Jumping jacks, Plyometric jumps, push ups, V-ups, 2 laps around the ice rink along the boards. Stretching, more jumps, 1 lap around the boards backwards. Lower Block, Upper block, middle punch and horse back punch goal line to goal line.

I felt good and ready for the rest of the class. Back to the normal class room. Almost everyone was whining about it was supposed to be a warm up not a kill us. We did more basic motions, and my back started to cramp up. It was strange.

One steps, forms, and sparing. The only person who wasn't complaining about the kill us workout before class couldn't keep up with me. I was trowing slop against him. he was throwing slop back against me. I didn't care though. He's taller with a longer reach. I was moving faster, other people noticed I was moving faster than I was before the 6 week break. Anyway the guy's taller than me, and uses his reach as his best weapon. I closed in on him hard and jammed him up. I'm not used to fighting like that yet, so I have to throw slop.

Part way though the sparing round, he was doubled over sucking wind again, complaining that the workout took more out of him than he realized. I did the same workout, plus worked out with the kids, and I was still going. Maybe I'll let him in on the secret. eat some carbs before class.

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