Monday, July 13, 2009

Holy Wow

4 workouts today.

As I said, I've restarted all programs at week 1.

day 1 push up challenge. was rushed. I did bad, but passed the required.
The last 3 sets were in under a minute, instead of a minute rest between each.

ETK: 5 rounds warm up. 7 sets of swings.

Returned to Yoga tonight. Jogged to it, and from it. It was great, we tore though hard, and did some advanced stuff.

Something New:
Band Assisted pull-ups. I was going to do 5 sets of 3 reps, but messed up my count and did 6 sets. with 1 min rest between them.

ETK was hard. I'll say that. Back has been sore since I got up, yoga and the pumps helped to remind me of that fact. I did ETK last tonight, which I think is part of the reason I found it so hard to do.

Over all, I feel accomplished, and good.

Order of workouts:
push ups
pull ups

20 mins between push and pull
30 mins between pull and yoga
2 hours between yoga and ETK.

Tomorrow... Tang Soo Do. and I'm lighter. I could fit into a size 5 uniform, but won't wear it just yet.

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