Saturday, July 18, 2009

it's been that long?

5 sets of 3 rep pull ups.

push ups

Never made it to the fit deck, probably just as good.

Tang Soo Do, with lots of squats and lunges for good measure. The place is giving us a hard time about the space again. Not having anywhere to put us. Well gee... If you don't have space for us for us to start at 7pm like you said we would have, I don't think I have the $50.00 for 2 months to pay you... I'll give you 40 instead how does that sound?

Then came home and did ETK.
7 rounds

5 sets of 3 rep pull ups.


5 sets of warm up, 5 left right TGU. Dropped the 24kg bell on both sides in the last set. Hurt my elbow in the process. Bell was falling towards my face from the lunge position of the getup, used the left to deflect it, but that meant the left wasn't there to hold me up. Came down on the elbow with the weight still in hand. So my weight and the weight of the kettlebell. Today my elbow hurts for anything that puts pressure on it, like push-ups etc.

Tang Soo Do - Three red belts (highest color belt before Dan / Black Belt). 2 3rd gups, 1 2nd gup (me) so we spent the class on cleaning up our basic motions, then did one step fighting, not allowed to repeat any attack (left then right then no more use). I didn't even hit half of what I knew, against 3 people. Then Bassai, and Chilson Il Ru.

Walked around the area for a little bit. Tossed some Disc Golf frisbees around, checked out the pro-shop.

Forgot to use my HRM, Tuesday and today at TSD, it didn't start for ETK Thursday Night, and I didn't take it for the walk. But I'm probably between 5000 and 6000 (if not over the later) for this weeks calorie count. I'll have to do better next week for wearing it.

Walked around for a while. My legs are tight.

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