Wednesday, August 5, 2009

blood and burpees

Tang Soo Do last night was strange. I was told that the kids' class was off the hook. Must have been a full moon or something.

I walked into the adult class at 7:20. Class starts at 7pm, and I'm usually there for the kids class, but was stuck at work trying to get a server to build. (Still having problems with the server today).

First thing that happens, as soon as I set my water bottles down, one of the white belts turns and hits the another one. These are the new problem children we have. Spoiled if you ask me. They don't tend to listen very well, and will try to argue with the instructors, including the Master.

They were supposed to be in formation waiting to start forms, as Master Tom was telling Bran (3rd gup) what to go over( and they both came over to say hi, you're late). They were left in Chun Be, knowing that forms were coming, the one decided to show off that he knew how the form started. Doing so, caused him to hit the other white belt, who was holding his stance. Which lead the other white belt to using an open hand strike to the first one's arm. Smacked pretty loud.

I watched it happen. First words out of my mouth, were "down for push-ups" not the first time I've given push-ups before even having time to change (although this was the first time I got blank looks from the students, although Bran dropped quickly). When I said down, the one that started it dropped to the ground grabbed his arm and started crying. This was about 30 seconds after being hit. The Master took the crying kid out of the class, and talked to him. The other one started to do push-ups with us, and then stopped and stood back up. I held the 7th and 9th gups in a high plank (Bran was doing them with us too). I lost count telling the 10th gup we were waiting on him. So we started over. We did 20 more. (Bran said it worked out to 30+).

Then the Master took the other kid out into the hall and had a talk with him. Then I talked with the master, before running to the locker room to change.

Came back in training clothes (toe balk and belt), and Bran came over said they've been that way the whole night. The kids class got about a 10 minute talking to before being dismissed at the end.

The adult class got to work Bo form. I was told I'm testing for 1st gup on September 1st, and it's ok if I don't know bo, knife, or chilson E ru, I'll get those down before my 1st Dan test later (about 3 months after 1st gup). Just a little excited. Of course Saturday, the Master said he keeps thinking I'm a 1st gup already.

We spared some at the end of class. I got a little too predictable in fighting Jay (3rd gup). He's rather tall, so has reach. In the fights he'll back off and catch his breath. I've gotten into the habit of shuffling in to make my attacks against him. He backed off, and we both started moving towards each other at the same time. Me with a shuffle to jam, him with a back fist. His back fist got past my guard and nailed my nose. It felt like it was running but there was nothing coming out of it. Tested it a few times during the match. My eyes were watering. I was more mad at him stopping the fight than I was being hit.

I can understand wanting to stop and make sure I'm ok. He kept apologizing about it, but it happens, and I wasn't bothered by it. See Jay used to be one of the clubs better tournament fighters, so he'll get a couple hits in, maybe score a point and then backs off. He says he does that on the street too, and wants to break that habit. So after being hit, I checked my nose, and came right back at him. Teared up eyes and all. I try to base my fighting more on what I think the street style is, don't stop until someone can't get back up.

After the sparring was over, I checked my nose again, and it was bleeding quite well. Blood on the front of my Toe Balk, and both sleeves. The Master saw it, asked who was bleeding. I said it was mine (used the non-blood sleeve to prove it).

Then we got to do tradition. In class on or after your Birthday (rarely the day before), we do push-ups. 1 for every year. When Master P's bday comes around we all hate it, since the numbers are in the 70s. This year, to mix it up some. We did burpees, my request. My original goal was to do all 32 with out stopping at a slower pace for everyone to keep up. However with the bleeding nose (I figured I'd worry about it after class), it was a little hard to breath. So we did sets of 10, 10 and 12. Bran and I were the only 2 to do all 32, and he got done before me.

After the first step, I went to the sink and spit up the blood that ran down the back of my nose, while trying to breath) and found some paper towel to blow into. Repeat the blow after the second set. bowed out after the 3rd set to go home. While we were supposed to be meditating and getting comments on class from the master (the after class speech), I held my nose to get the bleeding to stop.

Last night was so much fun.

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