Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I forgot

I forgot how good it felt. I forgot how much of an arse kicker it could be. I forgot how hard it was to do that.

None of the ITs is the same thing.

I restarted ETK this week (yesterday, so one day off) with 16kg.

I forgot how great it felt to work out and not be injured. I also forgot how much of an arse kicker 16kg could be. The last couple of tires through ETK I was using the 24kg bell. For everything but the halos. Which probably lead to my shoulder problems, it was just too much bell for me. Normally the 24kg left me gasping for air after I was done, and covered in sweat.

The 16kg took it further. Not only was I dripping sweat, my cloths were soaked all the way down to the skivvies.

7 rounds of swings, with 6 minutes of active rest. 5 rounds of warm up. I could have hit 6, but I forgot the Kettlebell in the other room, and ran over to get it during the first round of warm up.

Then I did push ups. 56 broken into 5 sets. I forgot how hard it was to do push-ups after ETK, and why I do them in the morning and ETK at night.

Now I remember.

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