Saturday, October 24, 2009

well it's decided

So for the last few weeks I've been thinking about rebuilding my laptop with Debian. I wanted to do a reinstall to make some chages.

While trying to upgrade the system today, I broke it. I'm at least backing up some important data by using this walk through to mount my encrypted hard drive.

After the back up is done I'll probably end up taking the thing to work, or waiting until tomorrow do the install.

Kind of sucks. But at least I'm not going to be losing data (like my Keypass password file so I can log into thing).

Saturday Morning

I went shopping today. I was out of soap, and low on toothpaste. Got a Cd case for my OS cds. In the same strip mall is a Dunham's Discount sports. I was going to get another dumb bell (but I forgot what weight I needed). While in the weights area, they had a couple of different kinds of kettlebells, even one that was 36lbs.

However, I was looking at plates. I picked up a 25 pound plate, and figured what the heck see how low I can go. I ended up doing a right leg pistol. Needless to say I was surprised. I tried the left leg but muscle across the front of the leg said no. Felt like it popped. Like a knuckle cracking, but in the muscle.

I've been having problems with my left side lately. For some reason, weights I can do on my right no problem, are huge problems on my left (that's what led to my left shoulder injury earlier this year while doing Turkish Get Ups). I've noticed problems with that muscle on the leg during my round house kicks. It doesn't hurt, but told me I need to strengthen it up some on the left.

I'm going to pick up the 25lbs plate in a few weeks, but more likely few months, just to do the pistols.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

not dead yet

lots of work stuff going on to move. trying to figure out moving again. lots of stress no time to blog.