Saturday, February 6, 2010


Still have too much to do.

Work is getting harder. Having more and more thrown at me, while having to go back and work on or over see things from people who are "trying" to help me. I do appreciate the thought and sentiment, but when they end up increasing my work load, it's not helping. I've got things prioritized on my list of what I'm working on. If it needs to go sooner explain why you think so to me, and I'll adjust it's priority.

I started a weekly (4 weeks) Python class. I did learn some things, but I'd rather be doing it in a different way. So far all we did was print hello for the code writing. I was told up front that this was more of a class for helping people get more out of the Maker Space (they call it a hacker space) by giving them some tools to help them with their projects. I however just learn better in a class environment than I do self-study (sad as that is to say). I do think the better way to teach the coding is to show us how to write it, but mostly we've used stuff the instructor has written and he's talked about what is going on. Just not my learning style I guess.

I picked up Gray Hat Python, at least the digital version of Safari Books, and read some of that last night. Starts off saying that it's designed for Windows users, and that's not what I use. Sigh.

I've never really had much of an interest in Python, but it seems to be the current popular language for hackers. So learn it I shall. I still need to get back to learning Perl. I start but never finish (been trying for 10 years now). Remember what I said about not being good at self study. A Gray Hat Perl book would be nice. More incentive to learn it.

I'm way behind on where I wanted to be reading the Hacking For Dummies book. I actually wanted to be finishing it up and writing the review by now, but between work, and other things. I'm just not there.

I'm finding it harder to focus in general right now. Not sure why. But the computer has played a nice sized part in the distraction game. Wanting to do too many things at one time hasn't helped either. Finite amount of time, with an infinite number of things I want to do. I haven't quite gotten to the point where I've tried to schedule things, but I know when I do, do that, it doesn't work anyway.

I'm also way out of shape. Dave "The Iron Tamer" Whitley has declared February Inter-galactic Swing month. My goal is 2800 swings this month. Increasing the weight from 16kg to 32kg over the course of the 28 days. I'm 5 days behind so far. My goal was to do 100 swings a day, without putting the kettlebell down. I tried it today, and only got to 50 swings in the first set, and 25 in the second 2 sets. I used to be able to do 100 at a time without a problem. But it seems those days are behind and in front of me, instead of being where I am.

Today was also the first day in weeks where I didn't wake up exhausted. Which is funny considering I kept waking up during the night, and then had to fight to get back to sleep. Last few weeks, I'd go to bed, and when the alarm would go off, I'd be so tired I'd hit snooze forever.

Now that I've cleared my mind some in this long ramble, I'm going to try and focus on the reading I'm behind on.

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