Saturday, February 13, 2010

scratching my head

Sometimes, no matter what, you're left scratching your head. Tonight is one of those time. See, I'm a time addict. I have been for years. I constantly want to know what time it is. I usually have ntp running on my computers.

Turns out the latest install of my laptop doesn't seem to. Yet it kept it's time pretty current. Maybe there is something hidden somewhere in KDE / the system I couldn't find. Anyway. I installed NTP, and made sure it was set as a client. it was only about 91 seconds off compared to the server I used to do an ntpdate against.

However, that's not what made me scratch my head. I spend most of my time on Red Hat based systems at work, and do more work on them than I do on my boxes at home. Even though every computer runs Linux (Debian) at home. One thing I'm used to, and type mostly out of habit is the service command for starting and stopping daemon processes.

I have never seen this work on Debian. Until tonight. I don't know how many times I've typed service something restart or stop or start, and have the system tell me service (the command) not found. But tonight, out of habit I typed it and it worked. After I hit enter I remembered, not on a work system. won't work, then saw the message that was displayed... So now I'm scratching my head wondering if I found it somewhere and installed it, or what.

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