Saturday, May 15, 2010

And it's almost sunday...?

Haven't been sleeping well. My body is short circuiting at night. As I understand it, the body's motor controls are supposed to shut down during dream state so as not to injure self.

However the last 2 nights, in the middle of the night, I've had bad dreams. Not nightmares, but just not happy dreams where I do something martial arts related in defense. Be it attacked by R.O.U.S (and I haven't watched or read the Princess Bride in months) or snapping a front kick at a zombie President Barack Obama trying to do a cyberman upgrade on me... (Maybe too much Doctor Who). In each case, I did the action in bed, and woke up while doing it.

Friday I went to Joust Fitness and had a decent kettlebell workout. Didn't kill me like other ones there did. I actually enjoyed it. Did another set of pull-ups around 9:30pm.

Saturday, I went to a Tang Soo Do seminar put on by Grand Master Kang Uk Lee. Even volunteered to be elbowed in the chest by him. It was interesting. That required me to be up at 6am, and I didn't get to sleep until after midnight. (Note I was up at 6am Friday and Saturday after fit full nights of rest).

Came home from that (got home, a little after 2) and proceed to take a nap. about 3 hours worth, and still tired.

My core hurts (shoulders, abs, ribs (not sure where that one came from), and lats).

And now it's almost Sunday. I really think I need a weekend to recover from this weekend. :)

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