Wednesday, June 2, 2010

looks like I found that problem

The last several weeks, since I rebuilt one of the boxes in my office (not sure which one), I've been having problems with Synergy.

I had Synergy2 installed on my Windows box and acting like the server. I thought I had synergy2 installed on the nix box working as the client.

When ever I changed screens I had problems with the text. On the linux box all the text would be in caps, and the nubmers were acting like the shift key was held down. So instead of numbers, I'd get special characters.

Turns out that I had synergy-plus installed on the Nix box. I had installed from repository. I found that out today, after upgrading from Fedora 12 to Fedora 13.

I had decided to try reinstalling Synergy from the repository only to notice it was saying synergy-plus. I updated the windows box to Synergy+ and everythings seems to be working...

Well expect for the changes I had made to /etc/gdm/..../Defaults. Synergy starts with the login screen but not after I logged in. I may have a work around for that now. I'll have to find out later.

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