Thursday, July 29, 2010

the prototype works

I took it to the walking path where I live last night, around 1am. I attached it to the top of the pull up rings they have on the path.

What I know to do with them is very limtied so far, I'll fix that tomorrow by ordering the TRX fitdeck.

Since it was wet and muddy out, large storm yesterday afternoon, I didn't try any ground work yet.

I tried body weight rows, bicep curls, single arm rows, angled push ups, and (the real reason I've wanted one a suspension trainer) single leg squats aka PISTOLS.

I was fairly impressed. I'll need to double check the stitching today though. Just to see how it held up.

When I first started hooking it up, I realized a 13 foot top strap is a little over the top. I ended up making a smaller loop with it, and then tossed that over the bar and anchored to both parts of the loop. Worked pretty well. I don't want to cut the strap though.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prototype testing

How it's anchored at home

that didn't go well.

Have it hooked on my pull up bar. The carabiner by itself was some odd popping noises (from the pull up bar).

Put the top strap over it... counter weight isn't good enough to keep the thing flat with my weight against it.

The black band in the picture is the band I use to help with pull ups. I just pushed it out of the way.


I can't get the pictures to load, so you'll have to click on the links.

If you follow my twitter stream, you saw these as I was putting it together. For those that have followed me for a while, you know I have no problem saying I have too much debt and some day I'd like to buy this, that or something else.

One of the things on the list, was a suspension trainer. Be it rings, AOS Bandit Loops, or (what I really wanted) a TRX system.

A couple of weeks ago thefightgeek from the pound online tweeted about a cheap $10.00 version (video on "the pound online"). Which caught my eye. I was impressed and through, i could do that, and it'll be good enough. I replied to his tweet saying as much.

Which lead him to tweeting this page to me. I was really blown away. I liked the option in the second video. Where the guy got the longer one, and then cut it down and used the left over for the foot holds instead of rope.

I was on a mission. But there was one thing I didn't like. The knots. I didn't think the ones in the foot loops would feel good, so I decided to sew them. The bowline is a nice knot, but I prefer the figure 8 knot I use on my harness for rock climbing.

However... being me. I decided if I was going to sew part of it, I'd do all of it.

I got 2 packs of lashing straps, 1 inch by 13 feet from Mejier, a locking carabiner out of my climbing gear (not used), some pvc, and some tape (picture here) They work out ok. The do need to be re-enforced though. I found that out after trying them, the factory stitching was pulling away.

So I decided, based on the factory part, to make 3 inch tabs. This is the taped 1 1/4 inch pvc and the tab. This is the handles pinned together, waiting for the needle.

Then I realized I needed more information first. 1 strap, marked up with everything. Handle points, tab, where it joins the strap.

I didn't take any pictures while I was sewing... I was on the phone, and couldn't take any pictures.

The next night, I moved from the lap desk in the bedroom to the desk in the spare room.


Oh no... the strap was binding after I made the first one... Cut off the tape, still binding, get the dremel, and fix it.

One done, and ready. The white specks are beeswax from the thread.

My parrot, Captain Errol Blood (but we just call him Captain) checking on my work. No he was not impressed.

I was asked after I finished, and was showing them off, how I could know to trust my skill. The short answer is I don't, but each set of stitches (minus the re-enforce) look like this (from handle 2).

Now, time to pin the foot loops in place.

The foot loop, got the same treatment as the handle, as you can see from the first completed one here. A close up of the handy work.

I have yet to get a picture of them hanging, or of me using them yet. I'll post a video when ready. So far I've only played around. Inverted rows, elevated push ups, push ups to knees in (foot straps), and very little else.

I've noticed I don't really need the top strap with my pull up bar, since the carabiner goes over the bar quite well.

Things I've learned:
I hate sewing... No kidding, I don't sew enough, show it takes a while to get back in the swing of it.

Make sure the straps aren't twisted before you start. I have one that is, but it's not noticeable.

The next 3, will be done on a sewing machine. I just have to find one to use first.

Yes I said 3. I'll be giving 1 away, one to the lady I'm seeing. Although she wants her's to be pink with hearts and stars on it, 1 to Sarah Rippel and 1 to a guy at martial arts. I had offered to make one for Jen B, but she already has something. :)

Originally when I said I was starting this, Sarah took note, and wanted to see how it worked out. She said she was tempted to try and make her own based on my work. I offered to make one for her. I just want to put mine through a few more paces first.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

that was fun.

Wrote a shell script for work. Don't do that enough. Could have been done a million and one ways, but I did it this way (see below).

The itch:
Person who maintains the FTP server's user accounts is not a GNU/Linux person. She's asked for help and simplicity in the past for creating user accounts. Need to create the user, the home directory, set the password and set file permissions and file acl permissions.

The solution (slightly modified):
# program to create new ftp users. Creates directory, sets permissions and ACL. Will ask for password.
# password section for Redhat Based systems

# get user name from command line

if [ -z "$1" ]
echo "$0: Usage: $0 user-name "
exit 3

# create user account, and directory
useradd -d /FTPDIR/"$name" -s /bin/bash -g 502 "$name"

# get new password for user
echo "enter password for user $name"
read user_password
echo $user_password | passwd --stdin $name

# change ownership of directory
chmod 777 /FTPDIR/"$name"

# set acls for directories
setfacl -R --set u::rwx,g::rwx,o::rwx /FTPDIR/"$name"
setfacl -d -R --set u::rwx,g::rwx,o::rwx /FTPDIR/"$name"

# let user know it's done
echo -e "\n User $name is ready to log in. \n"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

weekend plans

Things to do this weekend. Set up a test lamp server. Want more practice with Apache2 web server Read more of the Wifu Book, and get a keyboard mouse combo for the test computer. I might switch Sidux for Debian testing too... not sure though. Haven't decided.