Thursday, July 29, 2010

the prototype works

I took it to the walking path where I live last night, around 1am. I attached it to the top of the pull up rings they have on the path.

What I know to do with them is very limtied so far, I'll fix that tomorrow by ordering the TRX fitdeck.

Since it was wet and muddy out, large storm yesterday afternoon, I didn't try any ground work yet.

I tried body weight rows, bicep curls, single arm rows, angled push ups, and (the real reason I've wanted one a suspension trainer) single leg squats aka PISTOLS.

I was fairly impressed. I'll need to double check the stitching today though. Just to see how it held up.

When I first started hooking it up, I realized a 13 foot top strap is a little over the top. I ended up making a smaller loop with it, and then tossed that over the bar and anchored to both parts of the loop. Worked pretty well. I don't want to cut the strap though.


Kira said...

Pleased to see your prototype worked!

Hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of your new creation :)

Chris J said...


Thanks for giving me the information to make my own.