Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It lives

So a couple of years ago, the box I built in 2003 died. Stupid user mistake. Don't use you're dive equipment as an air cleaner on a computer. Even if you have the air gun adapter.

when I did it, I traced the problem down to the video card. Ordered a new one, and even that didn't work.

I'm working on the WiFu stuff, and I was getting tired of the constant reboot mess between my normal OS and BackTrack3. Because of some other things running on the laptop, I couldn't get BT3 to work as a virtual and do what I needed it too.

So I figured I'd try to resurrected the dead. I got out an old Voodoo 3 video card. Nothing happened. Pulled everything out and it worked. Got a new video card last week. I've been trying the rebuild the box since. It was a busy weekend.

Anyway, there is still some taming to do, but I got the box up and running. After Saturday, I'll do some real playing around on it and try some different linux distributions.

So what is this box?

An old 32bit AMD with 1 gig memory (max for the mother board), and 1.1terabytes of accessible hard drive space. The video card is an nvida GeForce 6200 with 512 meg of memory.

The funniest thing, this box is faster with VNC over SSH than the laptop with more memory and a more powerful CPU. But really that's because of the video card. At least I'm convinced.

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