Monday, November 22, 2010

I worked out

Yeah, little out of shape.

7 pull ups
ETK week 1, day 1, 16kg kettlebell.

41 push-ups

While listening to Pauldotcom Security weekly


Jennifer said...

7 pull-ups. Unassisted? Can't you remember; it wasn't too long ago you couldn't do a single one. And 41 push-ups? That's not too shabby either. Now just keep it up.

Chris J said...

Ok, so I made it sound better than it was. Everything was in sets. The Pull-ups were still assisted. In fact I went back to the oldest, thickest band in my set.

I'm trying to focus on the form, but my elbow still hurts from it.

Everything was done in sets too.
3-2-1-1 on pull ups
10,12,7,7,15 on pushups. Although a couple of weeks ago, I was doing 30+ at work. I had a group of 3 of us doing the 100 push-up challenge. We stopped when one of the group got a new job.