Sunday, February 27, 2011

Read Rework

Listening to the Exotic Liability the other week, a book was mentioned. Book called Rework. One of the casters (I know who, but not going to name drop here) said he requires his staff to read the book. Since I look up to the guy, hey we all have our info-sec heroes and he's one of mine, I got the book.

It's a business book written by the guys at 37Signals. It was actually a very fast read, and I was familiar with the concepts already. I didn't agree with everything in the book, but I agreed with the majority of it.

It contains concepts of why hiring Rockstars just to hire them is a bad idea. Why meetings suck the life out of your team. Don't chase the large customer, do what you think is right. Run it like you want to be the best you can be. The biggest thing I like in it was the Decisions and Quick Wins.

I have project coming up. I've been thinking that it's going to be a pain, and felt overwhelmed a few times. I'm going to set up the new web site for the Martial Arts School I teach at. Updating it to run on Drupal and the like. The book showed me I can do sections of it at a time, and go from there. Thinking up a finished product and pushing to that keeps you from being agile enough to change. Things won't be as good.

But if I start small, and go from there. Get the basic site up first, and then add things as needed, it'll be better. It'll give me time to move on feedback better. Which will make the site better.

So instead of installing drupal, getting blogs and forums set up, and user accounts, locked video section and all the different pages. I'm going to start with the basic drupal website. Add a few pages to it. And then add things as needed going forward.

Seriously the book is worth the read. It shows how you can be a lean mean company, hobby, or employee and ADD value instead of just being a Cog.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ok, surprised

I don't think I'm down to the 220s yet. Sucky part of not having a scale. But... I did get my calipers and new measuring tape yesterday from Amazon. Both said I was between 20 and 22% body fat.Really a little surprised by that.

Anyway, I can take the stairs at work. I knew I could do the parking structure. Well it turns out with my badge, I can access the building stairs. So on average, I'm going down and up 6 flights of stairs at lunch time, and Down 6 and up 9 at the end of the day to go home (second floor in both, no ground access from the stairs in the building, at least not the stairs I'm using).

I feel more comfortable taking the employee bridge on the second floor anyway instead of walking across the road, dodging people pulling in and out of the garage.

Last Friday, I actually managed to run up those 9 levels. However yesterday, they kicked my but just walking up them. Although yesterday my pack was heavier than usual. It had a couple of extra books in it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


at the rate I'm going, I'll be into the 220s sometime next week. Not really working out. Longer walks with my 20lbs back pack on (parking structure to office or reverse). Doesn't look like I can take the stairs at work.

I'm at 233 today.My weight has been dropping for 2 weeks now. Was at around 243 when I left my apartment 9 days ago.