Saturday, February 26, 2011

ok, surprised

I don't think I'm down to the 220s yet. Sucky part of not having a scale. But... I did get my calipers and new measuring tape yesterday from Amazon. Both said I was between 20 and 22% body fat.Really a little surprised by that.

Anyway, I can take the stairs at work. I knew I could do the parking structure. Well it turns out with my badge, I can access the building stairs. So on average, I'm going down and up 6 flights of stairs at lunch time, and Down 6 and up 9 at the end of the day to go home (second floor in both, no ground access from the stairs in the building, at least not the stairs I'm using).

I feel more comfortable taking the employee bridge on the second floor anyway instead of walking across the road, dodging people pulling in and out of the garage.

Last Friday, I actually managed to run up those 9 levels. However yesterday, they kicked my but just walking up them. Although yesterday my pack was heavier than usual. It had a couple of extra books in it.

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