Sunday, July 10, 2011

some days

Last night / this morning was a maintenance window at work. Lots of stuff to do. One call had about 30 people on it.

Now I'm the junior most member on my team. There are still things I don't know how to or can't do. Not that I don't know how. I mean I know how did them at my last job. Just don't know how we do them at this job. Can't because I don't have the needed access. Some of it I'm figuring out how to do work's way.

Anyway. there was an issue with an SSL cert. Really looks like someone sent us the wrong information in the turn up requests, since the same typo was in all of it (DNS and SSL). Anyway that got fixes late last night, but the people who were complaining didn't bother to test it. Ended paging everyone on my team. The one that fixed it asked why I didn't test it. Which I was in the process of doing when the other people said to start making the pages. Really those should come from me, not other people. Anywho. The other guy on my team was able to take care of the DNS stuff. But man was he ranting (and rightfully so).

Then at the very end, I got a huge win. Something wasn't working. Looks like another case of bad info. I was able to fix it. Before I started looking at it I had no clue what to even do. I vaguely knew the problem was related to NAT and Routing.

But I really found the problem falling back on one of my older skills that I love to use. Its kind of funny really because I was mentioning on a forum yesterday how great that skill was.

The skill - Being able to set up, and read a packet capture (sniffing) with TCPDump in real time. Once I found out what the problem was, I fixed it. with about 60 seconds to go in the maintenance window. :)

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