Wednesday, August 31, 2011

times change

So... I don't know.

I got my VPS up and running finally. Went with Linode. Had several friends speak highly of it. Went with a default Debian Squeeze install. Got it hardened as best I could. Now I'm getting ready to hit it with LAMP.

Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP.

I was thinking LEMP, (NginX instead of Apache), but since I'm going to be running Drupal, and really want an easy set up (follow the howtos and be working kind), I'm going to skip LEMP. Can always change later.

So what will this VPS be doing?
- Personal website. Blog, resume, photo gallory, email etc. Yes I said blog.
- Offer up a site to my martial arts school. Cheaper and more control than what they are using now. Using a CRM framework (drupal again) should make it easy enough to have updated.
- Maybe a site for the Locksport groups
- shell access for me. Mostly for IRC.
- Photo and video exchange site for the parkour group I'm in. Maybe.

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