Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can't wait for Friday

I found out tonight that the IASA (Information Assurance Student Association) is having their kick off meeting Friday. At 5. Time sucks, but meh.

I'm actually thinking of tossing my id in the bit-bucket for an officer position. Don't know which one yet. I'm sure that'll fly like the NX37602. There are some things I think we could do better as students. Yeah it means more work for us, but in the long run, it makes us better students. No it's not hacking each other. Although some Saturday CTF in L6 would't be too bad. If allowed.

I also got to do some reading on T.A.I.L.S. tonight. I figured I could't be the only one that was having problems with capture portals (have to log in to use wireless). Looks like I was right. And I have something to test on Friday now.

Also, new version of T.A.I.L.S came out tonight. Version 0.13.0.

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