Friday, September 21, 2012

One of the ones I didn't like

So I mentioned in the Plan for IA240 blog post, I had some other ideas. Ones that I decided to not go with for various reasons.

One to those ideas that I rejected:

Using a tablet, with my cell phone as a tether. I tried using my cellphone in class the first night. It didn't work too well. It was rather slow Googling questions the professor was asking.

I also didn't like the idea for a hand full of reasons. I could be wrong, because I don't understand all the tech.

First the tethering. I have a rooted (running cyanogen mod) cell phone, but every time I tried, I get messages saying the network I have for service is blocking it.

I'm still creating a wireless network that someone could try attacking. Other people wanting to connect. Not saying people would, but hacking wifi isn't that hard, and if they're willing to go after a laptop, why not go easier with a wifi connection.

I've only used Shark for Root sparingly. As I understand it, it can do 3g packet captures. I'm not sure if that's only for the phone it's on, or if it can grab any 3g signal. I also haven't found much documentation on it. I also don't have the equipment to test it properly at this time. Maybe we can set something like that up to EMU's IA Club, where we can play around with it and see what it does.

Just one of the ideas, I tossed to the side. I'll talk about another one some other time.

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