Sunday, January 27, 2013


Our apologies for the fruit Ninja tweet sent earlier. One of our kids played the game on our iPhone and unknowingly tweeted their score.

Really? Seriously? I'm left wondering. Was this IPhone issued by the department? If it was, why was it where a child could reach it. If I was his superior, I would seriously be asking some questions. Maybe I'm jaded from the bs that happened with the ex-Mayor in Detroit.
Look, I get that Chefs bring their own knives, and that mechanics bring their own tools. However... BYOD is a bad idea. Tell me when has an accountant, a CEO, Lawyer, or any other business unit brought their own filing cabinet, corporate ledger, etc. Ok I know they have the briefcases, file folios and the like, but the damage is smaller with those. It's not everything.
I understand we have commoditized computers and technology, but people really need to think about what that piece of tech does before that hand it someone else.
Sure there are some questions, was it a work phone or a personal phone. If it's personal why does it have work stuff on it? If it's business why is he being handed to a kid, I'd be worried about them reading the other stuff on the phone.
Lastly I'm curious, would this officer hand his service weapon to his child to play with, or leave it laying around where the kid could get it? I'm sure he is shamed by this point, but seriously it is time to have grown up conversations about BYOD and how the devices are used outside of work.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


After 140+ miles, 38 hours and 6 minutes of training time, and just over 2 years (Started in December of 2010), I finally, FINALLY cleared 5k.

Down sides. on a treadmill. 5 minutes walking, 30 jogging / running, 5 minutes walking. total time 40 minutes.

I never got past week 8 of couch to 5k (offically), but I do know week 9 was the times I listed above. So I call couch to 5k complete. Now to improve my time.