Friday, September 20, 2013

Apple Account part 1

So today, I got a strange email. I chalked it up to a phishing attempt at first, but it actually turned out to be something way more interesting.

The way it started:
Dear Paula,Your Apple ID (my email address) was used to sign in to iMessage on an iPhone 5 named “iPhone (Paula)”If you have not recently set up an iPhone with your Apple ID, then you should change your Apple ID password. Learn more.Apple Support
Well that's odd, my name isn't Puala, and while I own an IPod Color from 2005, I don't use apple products. In fact I have no idea where that IPod is.

Wait a tick, didn't I get an email a few months ago asking to to verify my apple id? The other email I thought was a phishing spam... (it's been more than 30 days and I deleted it when it came in).

Well no way this is right. I know, I'll prove it's spam. I'm not going to click shit. I'm going to go to and try to log in.

So I go there, try logging in with my email address, and told invalid password. WTF, okay lets try reset password. And Lo I get an email with the steps to reset my password, and I follow suit.

Go to the account page, some one in Finland, with a UK phone number. WTF. Well this can't be right. Someone set up an account, with a verified email address of MY EMAIL ADDRESS, but that's not me. So thinking someone popped my un-used account.

After not being able to get past the Finish security questions, I decide to call Apple Support. I open a case, and talk to a guy. He tried to help, but in the end, without my IPod or some other way to prove my account (the credit card number wasn't mine either). There was little he could do for me. I will say this for Apple, they do try to take your account security seriously, even if they won't let you delete your account.

The Apple Guy did think of one thing he could do. He walked me through the find my apple id part of the stie. It asked for my name, email address, other possible email address, home address, etc. The next page my DOB (month and day) and then the next page that asked for my security question. A question I wasn't expecting, but knew it was mine. One that only I would know the answer to. And then I was able to change my password.

Then I get an email. Saying my id, yet another one, has had it's password changed. Talk about more confusion. But it was time to leave for ISSA, and I was on my marry way, knowing that both accounts had 30 character random passwords.

to be contenuied

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